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Weighty Woes


walkingIt resurfaces yet again….its been an issue since long and was kept under the wraps rusting for a while….well, the questions of the moment is “My weight”.

I have been battling the bulge for long and after a series of illnesses which sapped me from all my energy, the doc came out with a diagnosis that its the avoirdupoisness which is the main culprit…Pursuing a profession which dictates me to be seated all the time at work just aggravates it ……and its a wide spread side effect for most of them in the IT industry (am a software engineer).

When I look back I dont really remember when exactly the pounds started to pile on…..and let me you tell me they always stack at the wrong places….wait, Is there a right place??? I was always an underweight child and teenager…painfully thin and a constant worry to my parents ( thinness meant sickness for some strange reason). I still remember my mom pestering me to gulp down a tall glass of whole milk banana milkshake every morning (in addition to breakfast) so that I just add some kgs…well, its another story that her try outs didn’t last long…..So thats how my college life went…mom trying to come up with various modus operandi to fatten up me..which intensified exponentially for a few days following a vacation to my home town or a wedding in the family….where the concerned relatives (???) bothered and fussed about my weight and mom always thought something should be done to her dear daughter and then its a cycle again…some new recipes, new trials…and meant a new set of miseries for me…but now How I wish I could turn back time and get back to those days….especially when my mom says ” I never imagined in my wildest dreams that you could put on so much weight?” I just want to chant some mantra (like in movies) and transform into my desirable oldself….

Since then life has taken a 360 degree turn quite literally and at the present state where it is I am technically overweight…not obese.Though I look lighter than what I weigh…… am a good 10-12 kgs heavier than the ideal body weight a woman of my height/age should theoretically be…ok, I dont really have a regard for such theories but I care for my health and hence these surplus pounds have to be shaken away soon…..

And S being the supportive sweetheart he always is perked me up and we both together started to walk in the nearby park and got the show on the road.Its been 2 weeks since we set out on these walks and we thoroughly enjoy them. Having a walk worthy park in the neighbourhood is a luxury in Hyderabad which am sure not many can boast of…what with the mad erections of lifeless structures in every nook and corner of the city one is subjected to these days…the concept of lungspace has come closer to extinction…

We truly understand this and indulge ourselves totally…the fresh oxygen, chirping of birds,ducks floating merrily in the lake, the fresh fresh smell of dewy lush green leaves and glowing trees early in the morning is quite a sight to behold…I guess we are greatly motivated because of these and stay put to the routine as religiously as we can…

Anyways its been so far so good, S and I have also been watching what we eat and are keeping an eye on the carbs and the fats….moderation is the key word….It works better this way for me…since the day I think of a specified diet and rule out eating certain sections of food….I am deepyly hit by a craving for that specific food variety, which I wanted to keep away from…so this avoiding certain varieties of food doesn’t go well with me…since when I consciously evade anything, I miss it immensely and get back to it with an unimaginable vengeance…and what follows is immense guilt and dejection and poor S at the receiving end of this glumness…

And the results…S has really gone down…looks leaner than his leanself..and there is sure change in me too..with clothes getting looser and fitting better…I am generally happy and wish to bid goodbye to flab this time….forever…

* This post is more of a rant but still makes me glad since its been a while I rambled anything… And it reinstates the fact that I indeed love writing….even if its without rhyme and reason..


HYC ( Kgs Vs Inches)


I had mentioned earlier in my blog how the scale always loathes me……
Just when I feel good, get complimented that I dropped some weight it plays the ugly game yet again…..

   I weighed 69 kgs when I started exercising in January….and lost a couple of kilo’s after a couple of weeks(67 kgs)….felt great……then I stopped bothering about the numbers for a couple of reasons….one, I didn’t want my motivation and mood to be driven by the scale and also because I couldn’t find a decent one to step on…the one at the fitness centre broke and after that I stopped bothering…and it was  decided earlier on that we will not have one at home…that would be way too stressful….
   Ocassionally I tried stepping on the public ones, at supermarkets, theatres etc….and never fussed about them since each one had different numbers and the results varied drastically…and as time passed…I stuck to exercising and eating healthy…..gave the scale a total miss….
   Since a couple of weeks, my trainer and a couple of people whom I exercise with have been complimenting about a leaner and toned me…My husband S is always the first one to appreciate it…but for him I am always slim…phew, loves makes one blind…proved 🙂
   I was more than excited about these positives observations and decided its time to measure up…we also have a new scale at the studio now…and I hoofed excitedly…..
   And what happened is still beyond my understanding….the number read 75 kgs…I just couldn’t believe my eyes…I asked my trainer friend to measure me in inches ( she always advocates this way of measuring rather than the scale)….and I had lost 3 inches each around my waist and hips(my clothes also defend this)…also a few more at other areas..but the waist and hips recordest the highest…
   I am extremely happy about the inches loss….but why on earth does the scale show a raise….if its muscle, does the muscle weigh so high…and the scale functions good…I checked that too…..I had been feeling terrible since then….do you guys have any such experience…what could be the reason buddies?
   When I lost inches, look slimmer and fitter, how could I weigh 8 kgs more? Isn’t it unreasonable? How do I decipher this ?

Mixed-up ( Healthy you challenge )


        I had been off the radar for an insane amount of time…that doesn’t mean I budged from the goal…
I did all that I could do most of the time….had healthy meals whenever possible….but work has been so overwhelming that we ate out at alarming intervals…though we picked the healthiest option available..but exercise suffered…..late night working and extensive traveling took their toll…though I didn’t put on any weight….I missed the high and the muscle tone exercise gives….the confidence…the well being feeling….
      Its getting back to normalcy now….and we are back to our workouts more regularly….
After the session today we had an impromptu chat with our trainer ( now a friend too) G.
As usual…I went on sulking that I need to lose weight ……….
Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

G : Hey, from the next time pick up heavier weights since you are comfortable with the current set.

ME : yeah, I’d want to…since I have flabby arms…. bat wings ….
      (actually my upperarms are disproportionate with the rest of my body…the fat always rests on
      them….its in the family..even while I was painfully thin this relation continued…frightening
      me from donning sleeveless tops

G : Just work on them…since thats the only area you really need to tone up.

ME : Hey, I need to lose here and here and here ……

G : No, for me all is ok except the arms…

ME: Oh no….I need to lose more…

G : well since am a friend let me honestly tell you something…you look good this way….and if you lose more…I feel you will not look as good as now….thin doesn’t suit everybody….and each one is different….

ME : ?????

G : yeah, not all look pretty when thin, and you are healthy….not fat….

   After this talk….I had been thinking about it….Well, I am currently a few pounds extra… am neither fat nor slim….a little over average….being an Indian I have my curves…and I need to tone up…..the tyres,handles,muffin top dont ever look good….
   Its all together a different point that now-a-days anything other than anorexic is considered overweight in India ( courtesy: magazines,media) and I might be obese from their angle 🙂
     I am healthy and fine now…but  want to lose weight and I fret a lot about it…I want to tone up and wear all the lovely clothes I wish to…I have never admitted this to anybody other than S,my husband…and he bears with all my sulking…..and comforts me all the time…such a sweetheart he is.  
    But this bothers me quite a lot….Is the weight bothering my mind rather than my body ?
Should I be happy that am fit and fine though not slim ? And as everyone around me says…Do I look good this way ? But I dont think so….. I have always told myself….Rupa,you  can only look good when you are slim…..
    Am happy, sad, confused…all at the same time…..its an identity crisis…..and am pouring this out to all you guys since you my friends are familiar with this side ….and I feel extremely comfortable sharing it with you all……


Retrieve Life


I had come across a wonderful and informative article recently and since then had been wanting to share its valuable information with you all. I felt it will be  useful for all my friends at the “Healthy you challenge”.
      My mom  is an avid believer of home remedies and we as a family always try to keep chemical medicines as distant to us as possible. This naturally passed on to me and now I follow the same principle. We strongly believe that

       ” If we keep on eating wrongly,No doctor can cure us;
        if we eat rightly,No doctor is needed”

     We all know that the best way to lead a healthy life is to “Eat Right and Exercise Well”. I have read this list of Super-foods and their medicinal values and couldn’t wait to post it here. Though many of these benefits are known to all of us,it doesn’t hurt to brush them up again. 🙂 ….. I am a lacto-vegan, so that explains the absence of certain foods….

Heart problems : Flax ,Walnut,Figs,Pomegranate,Oliveoil,Peanut,Oats,Garlic,Soyabean,Spinach.

Blood pressure  :  Walnut,Figs,Peanut,Apricots,Drumstick leaves (MOORINGA OLIFERA),Pomegranate, Soyabean,Spinach.

High Cholesterol : Walnut,Figs,Oats,carrots,papaya.

Diabetes : Flax powder,Figs,Cinnamon,Olive oil,Oats,Drumstick leaves,carrots,Fenugreek,Soyabean,papaya,

Cancers  : Walnuts,Figs,Soyabean,Tomato,Pomegranate.

Paralyses : Walnut.

Memory booster : Walnut,Flax,Spinach.

Women problems : Figs,Flax,Ginger,Coriander,Soyabean,Amla (Indian gooseberry)

Body,Knee pains : Guggul,Olives,Ginger,Pumpkin seeds.

Boosts Immunity : Flax,Oats,Nigella seeds,papaya,Basil.

Acidity,Indigestion : Isabgol (psyllium seed husks),Flax,Radish,Ginger,Garlic,Coriander,Cucumber,Papaya.

Facial cleansing :   Rub a slice of cucumber or papaya for all face related problems.

Palpitation : Figs,Almonds,Spinach,Oranges,Bananas,Oats.

Dental problems : Amla(Indian gooseberry)

Hyper-Thyroid: Figs,Almonds,Spinach,Oranges,Bananas,Oats.

Hair Fall : Plenty of Oats.

For good sleep : One banana & two teaspoons of honey in warm milk 2-3 hours before sleep.

To stop vomitting : Basil juice helps stop vomits immediately.


  All foods have some calories. No food is completely negative calorie food.But the overall effect of certain food in our body is that of negative calories. They are foods which use more calories to digest than the calories the foods actually contain.

For Example : A piece of dessert consisting of 400 calories may require only 150 calories to be digested by our body, and the net gain of 250 calories is added to out body fat.So if you eat 100 calories of a food that requires 150 calories to digest,then you have burnt an additional 50 calories simply by eating that food. Thus,the more you eat,the more you lose weight.
         There are large number of foods that combine low calories,delicious taste and excellent negative calorie properties. So no more starving : Eat these, lose that extra fat and get slim naturally. Here they are :


           All fresh fruit,Nuts,Sea foods,vegetables,Whole grains etc are good for health,but the super-foods listed here have medicinal value along with their strength. So eat and enjoy them ! And always remember “Health is the best form of investment”.

“Healthy you Challenge” Week 2


Phew ! the last week has been a bundle of contradictions…where everything went against the plan.We had to make 2 unexpected trips to hyderabad ….so that means 4 days of no working out, and eating, to survive…and since the schedule was pretty hectic…we ate whatever we could find, not exactly what we planned to eat, the whole week…but we watched our portions and always parked ourselves in the realms of ‘healthy eating’ as much as we could…So finally we ended up with just 2 days of aerobics…well, there was another day too…but S complained of a wrenching pain in his ankle…he hurt himself during the step aerobics session…so we gave the 3rd day a miss..I wanted him to feel better and then get back to the routine…Now he is fit and fine and we are back to the work outs…So, as you can read its been a crazy and hectic weekend…I wouldn’t be mounting the scale this time since with such a bizarre week I am not brave enough to savvy what the scale conveys…So I took the facile route…Will not weigh in ….trust me it will be good for my well-being…its better to keep up the positive spirit and work out rather than to get depressed and pine over my avoirdupois…especially with the kind of week I had…and this is that time of the month where my horomones also flirt with me…..hence, I am sure the scale wont be my good friend….but in retrospect it never was even a decent enough friend…..it had always let me down…now its my turn baby…am not venturing into your neighbourhood….come what may..
      As an update …S and I are glad that we are back and functional.And we are still reeling in the NSV’s after effects….our bodies are light and flexible and are happy with us…so we will be carrying the traditon forward and forget about the past week….after all Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans….
      And I would love to share a lovely anecdote….which made me gleam with joy and am still beaming with happiness…..With thoughtful attention today morning, S pronounced that from now on which ever city or country we will be living in…the first place in the sun which we will always vigil for in any new spot shall be the fitness centre…there it is….metamorphosis for a life time…..and I can see an eminently better lifestyle greeting us…Isn’t a reason to rejoice?

Wishing all you folks a great week ahead….. 🙂

“Healthy you Challenge” Week 1


This is my first week after I took up this challenge and am extremely glad I did.It feels wonderful..all your support and warm words please me immensely….am truly delighted….if exercise is physical well being …all the love that comes from each one of you does wonders in the mind…Thank you one and all for everything….else I would have pushed off into an oblivion and grown unresponsive….and all this couldn’t have happened without S, my husband, my anchor.

As you all know,S and I had started exercising and enrolled ourselves in an aerobics studio…and we have completed 7 hours of training till now.

And the verdict : I lost   1 Kg ( 2.2 pounds )    Woohoo…..my first step….

I didn’t check-in the post on tuesday since I wanted to weigh in…and since we dont have a scale at home ( we dont intend to have one too, it gets addictive), I had to wait for today’s morning session and I weighed in at the studio…..
I expected to have lost a couple of kgs but the scale revealed only one. But it still feels good….my estimate of a couple of kgs is because I have been feeling extremely light…So I thought I would have lost quite some weight…..
Anyways…something is better than nothing especially for a beginner like me….it keeps up the joyous spirit and motivates me to carry on.

Diet wise…we have been eating healthy as usual..and we now watch the portions too

Breakfast : Cornflakes with milk and fruit
Lunch      :  rice and vegetables/lentils, plain youghurt
Snack      : Carrots
Dinner     : Phulka with vegetables ( we want to replace this with wholesome soup) and buttermilk

..but Offlate I realised I also need to keep a check on my carbohyrate intake…so I will twist these a little for the coming week..
And coming to Non-scale victories, S and I are having a rollicking time reckoning them. Its a beautiful period…where in we notice those little changes in each other, complement,feel tickled…and are prodigiously happy and delighted for each other.
      Few of our NSV’s  🙂 :

  •  My collar bones slowly and shyly  debuting after a long exile
  •  My clothes fit me much better compared to what they used to
  •  The twinkle in my eye and the pink cheeks after I work out
  •  S and I feeling energetic and concentrated throughout the day
  •  S’s tapering cheeks….he’s always full of life and is a stunner…Love you S
  •  And I just love my stable shoulders…their droopy days are now history.

Hope each one of you had a great week…doesn’t necessarily have to be related with weight-loss…after all we have jumped on the bandwagon with zest and vigour, and success is sure to come soon to each one of us and there is no looking back….Happy working out ! Folks.

Woebegone ME


I have been feeling miserable…..miserable to the extent that I do not even prefer to venture out anywhere…this isn’t something that was born over night..I guess it gradually seeped into me……made me weak, objectionable ,heavy-hearted and finally I unwant myself… I till date couldn’t muster up the courage to say it publicly online…the object in question is my “Weight” …which is a gloomy fact…I piled on uninvited calories …and blame myself for not being watchful…after all I did this to myself…

2007 has been a great year for me…this year presented S, my dear husband to me…and life has never been the same… I should have earned heaps and bounds of good karma in my previous lives to have him…he is my support system…and loves me in all my moods and encourages me unconditionally. When he declares that he loves me always and in all ways , I know that they come straight from his heart…honestly and sincerely.

And my downheartedness bothers and hurts him…Sorry S, even in my weirdest dreams I wouldn’t want to see you cheerless let alone harm you..this mode of mine isn’t anything because of you…you are the real sweetheart and will always be.

And, one day S and I pronounced enough is enough. We resolved that its high time to put and end to this snit and enrolled ourselves at an aerobics studio. Today happened to be the first session. We quite liked it…though we didn’t have any expectations from the place ( we live in Vizag , what more can I say). Throughout the workout, S and I were  silently cursing for gifting ourselves these stacks of unwanted calories.And we savored the popular lesson “Eat sensibly” bitterly today  …we are usually healthy eaters but down the lane we lost track and gobbled anything that came first whenever hunger pangs striked ,without any fore thought. I have already started feeling better and all the credit goes to S, my forever darling.

Co-incidentally today I came across this blog and felt quite liberated and wanted after reading it …..since a lot many people out there are fighting the same ill…and decided to take up the “HealthyYouChallenge 2008” . It seemed very apt and the battle starts from today.

What also attracted me immensely is the rewards and goal setting concept by scale junkie. What a stupendous modus operandi to accolade one’s own accomplishments . Am all game for this honorarium. I will be back with my personal reward plan after powwowing over the weekend with S. Am fully dysfunctional and would go astray without him and his opinion is indispensable. Always.

So join me and be my chum in this journey while I sweat it out and slowly peregrinate into a new me ( a me whom I had always beheld)

Wish me folks !