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Exclusivity-Thy name isn’t Software


ME: Hey, is this the ‘xyz’ Studio.
Lady: yes, maam, it is.
ME: I would want to join one of your morning aerobic sessions.
Lady: Sure maam, it’s at 7.15 AM

ME: Great! (Feeling as if I have conquered the unknown;I have been trying to find a decent aerobics studio in this new city)Lady: Maam, what do you do I mean what’s your job?
ME: Sorry (wondering how does that matter and why should she even want to know) (But I have been a target and a victim to many such ghastly intruding personal questions since the day I stepped in Vizag)

And I indignantly yet proudly replied “Am a Software Engineer”

Whew,This tribe is all over the place, oh no no not place its all over the world, and is growing incessantly …the term exclusivity doesn’t exist in my domain. How much I hate it?
I secretly wish I could say “Am a writer, a columnist” or “I am a dance teacher” or “I am a baker and run cookery classes” or “food critic ala Rashmi uday singh”
Or better still “I am a Pioneer woman, Wohoo” (Am enthusiastically attracted to Ree and her punks – its platonic guys).
Wow, these seem so very exotic than the mundane software engineer which every other Indian seems to be these days.

Lady: chuckles and giggles and smirks (Agreed, I couldn’t see her, but I bet she gave one, I could feel it) Come on, Am a software engineer, I have a third eye..there lies our exclusivity..oh, no the secret is out….
ok, ok..am not serious on that…but I knew she gave one..a smirk…I know..

I would have loved to be one of the above and would have trotted around as a novelty but I still respect myself for being a Techie and I enjoy it too. It’s my bread and butter and also allows me to buy honey and sugar.
Come on Lady, get real, it is us who pay hefty fees and bring you business. Else there wouldn’t be these innumerable fitness centers mushrooming all over the place.
If you don’t respect us you would be out of your jobs. We are powerful baby. But we are gentle too…so dont you worry.hehehe.Its time you learn the tricks of trade, honey.

Though I did feel momentarily agitated at the sheepish response from the Lady, I being the ‘matured’ software engineer ‘analyzed’ it.
Why should I bother about it at all? So I quit feeling bad and reminded myself that what if it isn’t an exotic profession, it (technology) makes an enormous difference to the people in the world and makes lives easier. And I am an intrinsic part of it; makes me feel quite honored! ( I want to go out and party now and somebody buy me Diamonds….we deserve it……ok..ok….a large latte..softies are simple at heart..you see….)
Else why would anyone pay me…come on baby, software isn’t charity?
I get paid “Because I’m worth it” .
Huh, am not the one to be bogged down by this disparagement.
I need diamonds now.