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Go Green


I promise to be more regular at this space now on…..though I had been off blogging since a while, I constantly stalk food blogs….As I have already mentioned, I admire the courage and creativity of all the food bloggers who churn out yummy stuff day in and day out. I always nursed a secret desire to venture into this zone….If you notice there is a page on the top of the blog which says “Culinary muse” but as you all can see there isn’t anything happening in that direction…. 🙂

I really do not know if it will ever happen…the food blog I mean …..but while browsing (read stalking) my favorite food blogs I feel very excited to send in entries to those wonderful events…..One such blogging escapades introduced me to Edible Garden of Nags. Her dishes are so delectable that many times I wish I could help myself from the monitor and polish them off. She is currently running a contest called “The saas Bahu Aur Sensex Contest “ and here goes my entry ……..

Initially I wanted to make an Spinach and Amaranth leaves Sabji which everybody in my family totally loves. My mom makes many of these green curries which are totally yum and healthy…..I admire her making these unique mix-green curries with unimaginable combinations and they always hit the bulls-eye……In fact its a current favorite with my in-laws too….but I wasn’t able to find Spinach in the nearby stores and then I didn’t want to go out to the market and buy it……So that recipe will follow soon……

This post is dedicated to my mom who always dishes out yummy healthy stuff . She is a real treasure trove. I wish I could play with ingredients the way she can…she can think of unusual unheard of combinations and cook them with great elan….and walk away with all the accolades. We always had one mix-green leaves curry at home ( my mom feels the amount of leaves in a dal like say spinach dal, amaranth dal etc is negligible). So she always made sure we ate the green leaves as is , for example a stir-fry, a sabji. And they were never ever overcooked….thats the trick when it comes to cooking green leaves…and we usually carried these in the lunch box too..with rice/roti….All the cleaning would be done the earlier day and hence lunch for school would be ready in a jiffy since greens cook very fast…..I will surely post recipes of those combinations……but for today the green stuff is KhattaPalak Dal and Teaselgourd stir-fry.

For the Dal :

A bunch of KhattaPalak ( Chukkakura) – chopped

Toor Dal – 1 cup

water- 2 cups

2 green chillies – slit lengthwise

2 Garlic pods

1/2 tbsp Mustardseeds

1/2 tbsp Oil

1/2 tbsp split urad dal

a pinch of Asafoetida

salt (as per taste)

Place a pressure cooker on heat and add the oil. When the oil is hot, add mustard seeds. When they splutter add the urad dal and a after a couple of mins add the garlic and asafoetida. Then the green chillies. After they are fried add the chopped Khatta palak leaves. After a couple of mins, add the toor dal. Wait for 2-3 mins and then add 2 cups of water. Then goes the salt. Taste it. Add in red chilli powder if you need more spice . Close the lid. After 3 whistles, let the cooker cool and enjoy the Dal.

For the Stir-Fry

I had never eaten teasel gourd until I got married. My mom-in-law makes this tasty dish. And whenever there is a stir-fry, there is a lentil dish too. She is another great cook who cooks with such ease that I always wonder if I can ever adapt it. Yeah you got it, I wonder more and work less 🙂

Teaselgourd (Aakakarakaya)- 250 gms (chopped)

1 tbsp oil

salt and red chili powder (as per taste)

Heat the oil in a pan and add the chopped teasel gourd pieces. Stir-fry till they become tender and cook with a closed lid. Add salt and red chili powder. Check for the taste and serve. This dish is extremely easy and tastes yummy 🙂


Yoghurty Mango


      Food blogging….always eluded it to the extent possible….I salivate and drool reading all those lovely food blogs..but am paralysed when it comes to writing a recipe….firstly I cannot create anything on my own…I cook well ( compliment courtesy : S, my husband) but can never dish out recipes one after the other which food bloggers do with great elan…so I take the easier route…I visit them routinely and recreate the effect….and always faired reasonably well…..I love cooking and am quite enthusiastic about it….so it helps 🙂
   Ok, now why am I bothering you guys with all this…..how does it matter….well, today I am tweaking a bit from this route and posting my first ever food related post…its so very simple that I can’t bring myself to call it a recipe….though I feel strange and nervous typing this….I couldn’t let it go …after all its about Mango madness and hosted by dear Anu of Escapades whose recipes always exude warmth….visiting her blog always makes me comfortable and soothes me…and I always won brownie points when I recreated them…..
   And anyone who’d known me fairly well will vouch for my mango mania….to say I love them is an understatement….I missed mom and mangoes the most while I lived away from India….for a mango zealot like me who devours them more than three times a day during the season (they are a part of breakfast,lunch, dinner and also form my snacks)…living in Europe appalled me…non-availabilty of this luscious fruit depressed me…
   I would visit a pakistani store to pick my regular supply of canned mango pulp during summers…for one whole year I did this religiously….so much so that the moment I stepped into the store, the owner would bring a couple of cans without even me asking for them…he knew I could never leave without them…
  But it improved during the last year that I lived there…maybe export rules were relaxed…or god heared my mango prayers….we got fresh fruit from pakistan once a week….imagine my cheerfulness when I first saw them at the store…from then on, during summers I had a special budget allowance for mangoes….and the shopkeeper would call me whenever the produce arrived 🙂 ….special customer you see……and since they were of export quality they tasted very very good…reminded me of my childhood days in my ancestral village….where we had mango orchards….and ate the best fruit….
  While the supply lasted, I had mangoes in copenhagen regularly for breakfast and dinner….I usually had fruit yoghurt for breakfast….so during summers instead of eating strawberry yoghurt or orange yoghurt…I made this mango yogurt and relished it daily….Here is how I dished it and it goes to Anu for WBB#22- May Mango Madness

Mango Yoghurt

2 cups mango puree ( fresh or canned)

2 cups natural plain low-fat yoghurt

1   tbsp powdered sugar (adjust according to the mango sweetness)

1/2 tbsp vanilla essence

     Mix the mango puree and yoghurt using a blender…..for additional sweetness and flavor add the powdered sugar and vanilla essence….and voila, its ready 🙂
    In fact I never followed a set procedure in making this yoghurt…sometimes I used less pulp and more yoghurt…or vice-versa….whichever way it always tasted yum….