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Are you man enough…


Disclaimer: I am neither a bra burning feminist nor a male ilk hater. But I strongly believe in equality and can’t stand gender biasing. And have an extremely soft corner for sensitive men who respect women. S will vouch for this but he thinks am a die hard feminist…well…talk of perspectives...

When you write a blog what happens is everything one hears or overhears(unintentionally) is carefully speculated if it could be possible blogging material..Trust me it just becomes second nature….I don’t do it consciously…

Once such mega blogging incident happened at lunch today. There is this young boy K who is also a part of the team I work for…..over general off-the-cuff gabs today the discussion steered towards K’s opinions on his prospective wife (in short, what he wants from the girl he marries?)……and then what followed blew me out and jolted my belief system…not me but also all the women folk sitting there who were subjected to this trauma…..

I usually carry lunch, which is quite basic everyday food…..andthen the dialogue followed..

K : Oh only one curry, when I get married I will want to have 3 curries,one dal,rasam,dessert, pickle,papads,salad for lunch daily…..

me: Oh you cook?

k: No, my future wife would cook these?

me: So you are seeing somebody who is a great cook too?

k : no, these are the conditions I have for my would be wife….

me : (conditions, godammit… what the hell do you think of yourself? ) well, I said this in the most diplomatic way I could possibly do it…

k : Its so easy to cook, I will buy 4 burner stove and she can cook 3 curries in half hour…its easy

me : Whatever be the number of burners, she will just have 2 hands. How can you say it will take half hour when you can’t cook? First try to cook for yourself….and what if the girl doesn’t like cooking?

k : She has to cook…what is there to like in it?I will do tougher and more meaningful things like paying bills, going to bank etc….

me & A (another colleague of mine) : (we are by now terribly frustrated),huh there is no point talking to him…

And then K went on….His first priority is a beautiful sari clad long haired girl…which is the basic necessity. and then she should never wear salwar kameez…she should be this superwoman who should cook 3 elaborate meals a day, work, and maintain a spic and span house since K is a stickler for neatness…he says he can’t compromise on this….by now me and A (two married woman in the discussion) didn’t know how to react…

That he would be soon preparing a questionnaire of his expectations and give a copy of it to every girl he visits to judge whether she is his wifey material or not ( Pellichupulu in telugu)…..

In sheer helpessness, utter incredulity, extreme choler followed by a state of utmost provocation A and I started laughing….yeah you heard it right….I just didn’t know what to say when I heard all this from him….though what A and I really wanted to do right at that moment is to give him a large piece of our minds, bash him up (I am a diehard advocate of peace, but this was too much for me to take) and tell him that he is vain and no girl would ever want to be associated with someone like him…etc…

And then along with us sat poor M (unmarried girl in the discussion)…..who was totally bewildered and by then shit scared…she kept on saying in the afternoon…..what if I get married to somebody like him? We cajoled her and calmed her down….

We marry for companionship….we marry to wake up everyday with the person whom we deeply love and wish to spend our lives together forever…which stems from love, respect and trust…

We do not marry for great food, cleaner house, beautiful spouse….will this guy ever understand….all he wants is a maid,cook,and >#@#@# (ok, censored)…..WTF…..

Finally with utter desperation when I couldn’t take it no further I blurted out saying, “Dear K, do not marry ever, this way you would do a big big favor on the womenfolk”…..

I may be rude ….so let it be it…I have no regrets in this case whatsoever…..

But that specific question is still ringing in my ears…..WHAT IF? Yes, WHAT IF?

And then I realized how blessed I am….and extremely glad to have found S….and suddenly felt safer for having him and today am gonna get back home and sleep holding him tight…thanking my lucky stars………




I don’t know why I titled this post  Happenings, since I feel its more of a rant  rather than an occurrence, maybe because there isn’t anything worthwhile happening. Ok, I know am talking crap now……lets move on…..

The most exciting incident of the previous week was a weekend getaway trip to Kurnool. S (my husband), I and a couple of our friends drove to this small town for a break……most of  the trip was spent in the car driving back and forth. But still it was an enjoyable trip. We didn’t do much of sight-seeing, couldn’t cover what we even planned but on the whole its quite a memorable expedition. Its been a really long time since we ventured out on one and we are all glad we did. We did the usual things like incessant chatting, pulling each other ‘s legs, playing silly and crazy music etc, and everything at total random. What I liked about the trip particularly is its out and out dynamism. We just did what occurred to us at that moment. Like say,  stopping the car in the middle of a road and clicking pictures, strolling in sunflower farms and more picture clicking, eating whenever we want, playing cards till late night………

I guess life slowly brings in a lot of monotonicity as we grow ( when we were kids we were always busy, hehehe, isn’t it? ) and this trip proved to be a spontaneous unplanned adventure  for all of us and it was further seasoned  with the delightful company of friends ….It broke the routine and we all came back refreshed and distressed……and am sure  all of us need these kind of short retreats once in a while. Ain’t it?  Well, I certainly do 🙂

Mellowing Innocence



    Today in the afternoon post lunch, I had come across a group of 4 primary school girls…they were sharing a chocolate muffin….and ate it heartliy with giggles and chuckles…..it was such a pleasing sight for me…was instantly transported to my school days…I am not talking about the muffin 🙂 …..its the unsurpassable bliss and satisfaction friends and sharing bring….those debonair days where eyes are drenced in dreams, and everyday is welcomed with gaiety for no apparent reason…when stress is unheard of…..
      Where are all those gone ? I do not say we dont have sunny moments…but there is a certain innocence, take life as it comes attitude which misses out…Is it a part of growing up?
  But I would say, if we have to give up on such simple joys, why should we ever ripen? I refuse to, but do I have a choice !

NOTE : The Pink Hibiscus is shot in Vienna by S’s sweet cousin. I simply loved it ! Smitten by its sheer simplicity .

Yet another Random post!


Another weekend passes by…without notice…saturday had been extremely busy…we were at office for some urgent job….and the day slipped..and since sunday, S had been sick…and it streched till monday too….I was terrribly worried and troubled too, to see him suffer…he’s doing fine today, though he is still recuperating….and I am relieved…

    Offlate, I dont get time to blog as much as I’d wish to..sometimes its work..and many a times its this “many ideas to blog but none of them sees the light of the day” syndrome…and I have been brooding about it at large,…I always enjoyed “A post a day” but when I forced onto myself that “It has to be a post a day” it suddenly started stressing me out…Its strange that even the most enjoyable hobby can put one off if we force it on ourselves…thats when I decided….my love for writing is too very dear to me and I dont want to forego it…hence from now on…I shall scribe only when I wish to and and when I want to ….not because I have to…and this brings me immense peace!

    And now while I am typing this, am highly excited..tomorrow is my birthday and am stoked….as I reiterated to death many a times that I am a great fan of anniversaries and any special ceremonies… I’m also painfully agoraphobic…..hence for me the idea of a celebration is always family,friends and with company whom I feel comfortable being around with….but I do not know why I’d want to announce it here….its the warmth of your words and the feel good factor,solace your company brings…….:)

Thanks and Sorry


Am back…was down with the flu last few days…hence the non-appearance…
Sorry folks…to keep you waiting..and thanks for checking my blog….
Its already friday..this time the week just whistled past…and am feeling good…S surprised me with a lovely red wrist watch and a couple of books (my must-read), on valentines’ day ….am thrilled that he actually got those all by himself…those two tome’s have been resting on my to-read and to-buy list since ages and am excited to have them…I didn’t expect it at all….and with my birthday around the corner…february is a great month…gifts and attention galore ! 🙂

Willy-nilly contemplations


Forever there are countless thoughts and experiences I’d want to write about…million notions, opinions, perceptions traverse my mind every single day and most dont even live long enough…they  die a natural death……
I ache to communicate and share my multitudinous ruminations with you all, but these myriad musings internally vie one another and ultimately not even one of them sees the light of the day….and all this leaves me plain guilty….very reprehensible…
I strive to keep pace..but a great many times it just doesn’t work out…..
It weighs me down and does no good for my well-being…
Even now while am scribbling this, innumerable reflections are crossing over…..
I continually ponder….Is this typical me? or Does it come pass every person ? Is it a commonly observed phenomenon?
Would I ever know ? Sigh…

Moving on, offlate I have grown extremely fond of this song…its from the movie “Life in a Metro”..highly soothing…maudinly romantic …and notably serene.

Here are its lyrics ….I’d try putting up a link in the weekend…

(in dino, dil mera, mujhse hai keh raha
tu khaab saja, tu ji le jara
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat – 2) – 2

(berang si hai badi zindagi kuchh rang to bharoon
main apani tanahaayi ke waaste abbb kuchh toh karoon) – 2
jab mile thodi fursat – 2, mujhse karle muhabbat
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat

(usako chhupaakar main sabse kabhi le chaloon kahin door…
aankhon ke pyaalon kse pita rahoon usake chehre ka noor) – 2
iss jamaane se chhupakar – 2, puri karloon main hasrat
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat – 2
in dino, dil mera, mujhse hai keh raha
tu khaab saja, tu ji le jara
hai tujhe bhi izaazat, karle tu bhi muhabbat – 2