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Vizag stories


                As days roll by we are left with a week to go in Vizag….The impending move is coming closer….we will be packing our bags and be in Hyderabad by the 2nd week of June….and are eagerly looking forward for it…Its just close to 6 months here for me…S lived a little longer though…I joined him after our wedding…..
            Everytime I moved away from a city or place that I lived something from the city always comes with me and stays with me forever….its always a learning experience….there are positives and negatives…but I feel every city has its own charm and character…..so before we move on….we’d sure miss…..

# Vyayaam (Aerobics studio) the first and foremost….we had an awesome time working out and made a bunch of great friends also including the trainer/owner…..

# The beaches ( obviously) – its home to the longest coastline in India…long streches of virgin beaches…where we spent many many evenings just whiling away time..

# The breathtaking view of coconut, mango and banana trees from our windows and balconies which are gently dancing and sometimes rapidly swaying to the breeze.

# I’d sure miss Prapancha– my favorite store here which is owned be our dear friend A.

# Freshmade yoghurt from Visakha Dairy which is available at every nook and corner…

# Easy mobility : everything is just within a 5km radius and with a non-existent traffic problem its quite easy to zip through.

# Our first own home setup after marriage.

# The luxury of having a dhobi who comes home and does laundry every alternate day..

# The farmer’s market (rhythu bazaar) which is at a  stone’s throw distance from our home…

# The innumerable tendercoconut vendors….


Melancholic & sore


Today’s mood: Extremely nostalgic and down…..am deeply coveting my yesteryears  fitness center today … I always miss it…the cheerful staff…my trainer Stephen…amazingly positive and high spirited people….which is extremely essential …since they drive you with their motivation and inspiration…and those ever encouraging appreciative warm words were always music to my ears and soul…they boosted my morale…..my erstwhile Esprit de corps…you were outstanding.
     I like the present aerobics studio too…but it isn’t as assuasive as the previous one…I feel am judged here….which doesn’t go well with me…it dents my determination…..when I workout I do not wish for any comments or expectations especially the ones that are detrimental….”You aren’t able to lift your legs today morning”/”You forgot the flow today”….these depress me…..I know my limits and am pushing myself hard…but to expect perfection from a 12 day old student isn’t fair….infact its not right to expect anything out of anyone…since everyone wrestle’s with their own self and aren’t competing…with one another…ain’t it?
If you cannot stimulate thats totally fine, but do not dissuade either……..

Fond Remembrances


Many a times I find myself cozyily wrapped up in the warm and nostalgic memories of my Copenhagen days. Those prolonged winters which never ceased to end , those  solitary, long  yet discovering summer days …it was quite an experience. Copenhagen opened a pandora’s box for me…gave me an MS, my first job which I  consider is still  my best job ever and many more big and small yet significant accomplishments. It truly set me free…

It is here that I learnt to be all on my own, be my self support system… manage finances ,pay my own bills :), be responsible for each day of my life …..it was all mine…and I feel proud that I can truly take the credit of living in a foreign land(which sometimes isn’t as exotic as it sounds though ). It isn’t the case with Indians travelling to the US, where Indianess is every where (Information Courtesy : Friends). Though I would have loved to have a dose of it in Copenhagen especially during those lonesome times…I cherish the incredible friends I had made  …the experience as a whole is splendorous.

I can go on and on about my experiences…..but I’d wish to take one at a time . Post lunch today my thoughts travelled to the faraway land ,and triggered and awakened fervent memories of these places.

1) A lovely and cosy cafe “Cosmopol”which served remarkable Cappuchino,’s  latte’s , sandwiches, salads and it is here that I merrily polished off  innumerable cups of steaming hot sinness called ‘Coffee’ with dandy satisfaction.

The picture doesn’t even fend half- justice to the cafe but this is all I could procure.


2) I absolutely loved this place . And the icing on the cake ,it was just a stone’s throw from my apartment. Talk of convenient Bliss. They served yummy ice creams, milk shakes and sorbets. A creamy and glowing place where one could always find a place to sit…it was never overtly crowded or noisy. Once I went out at around 2.00 AM to buy myself an ice cream and they were more than glad to attend to me.


 And they had this delighfully pretty ice wagon for summers… Lawsie mercy, by any means one wouldn’t be able to escape its charms. Trust me. 🙂 I many a times tried futilely.


A friend for Keeps

I and S met up with lakshmi and her parents last night. Officially they were the first friends and family who visited us in Vizag….
For me they are ‘friends and family’…. Laks has been my dearest friend from over a decade and she is family now since she is more like a sister than a friend. And her parents are few of the sweetest people I had met in my life. Knowing them since long…they are family now.
We met up at a restaurant which in no way or degree matched the occasion. There isn’t anything remarkable to write about the place or food. So I let it take back seat since it would pale out in comparison with the pleasant evening.
What was wonderful is meeting L, aunty and uncle and chat upon past, present life though nothing in particular. We conversed upon how much had changed and how much remained the same. It was ‘bonding’ time and it made me quite nostalgic. Long lasting friendships are priceless and genuine.
I don’t have friendships from high school that lasted, so legitimately and truly L is my oldest and dearest friend and I feel glad that the emotions grew deeper with the test of time. We would chat and spend endless hours talking stupid stuff, giggling interminably and we are still absolutely capable of laughing at nothing and anything.
When I contemplate the times we spent together, it fills me with comfortable warmth and blessedness. She is a person with whom I could open up without any reserve, lean on and also blabber total non-sense and still know that I would be loved. L is the essence of what a true girlfriend means……though we don’t meet up consistently now, whenever we meet we always pick up from where we left off last time. And I can be this only with very very few people.
Co-incidentally this happens to be my 50th post and I dedicate it to L for always being there. And am always there for you too L….
Wishing you all the success and happiness.
Lucky to have you.
P.S : Your straight hair looked awesome L…just loved it. Have been considering it since a really really long while but had been vacillating since I was pretty anxious about its aftereffects. What if I turn Bald? (hehehe).But now am all set to take the plunge and don the new look.
Can’t wait for it 🙂