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Weekend joys and woes


The last before weekend was sheer bliss. S and I, all to ourselves and for each other.On the contrary last weekend was full of action, was stressful and elapsed even before we could feel it.We arrived in Hyderabad on saturday after the customary journey.I had to kick start the shopping spree on saturday since we  had just 2 days in hand and I had already planned to visit my mom on sunday….hence we carefully scheduled our time and we tasted success more or less.
When I say “I had to shop”, I really mean “had to” since it was more of a necessity rather than pleasure….I needed new tracks,t-shirts and other workout accessories at all costs and since Vizag isn’t really a place where you get such stuff ( decent ones) we have to purchase them during our trips to Hyderabad….And since my birthday is also around the corner….and we haven’t planned any wonted trips to Hyderabad…not in the near proximity atleast…well, should see how well we keep us this resolution… So the well-ordered me took over, so new clothes and shoes for b’day also made place for themselves in the ‘to-be’ shopped list….

       And we set out with great gusto…. totally overlooking the fact that its Hyderabad,its a saturday and its a mall.Phew !
I stepped into the first shop with much inspiration…but not only was it insanely crowded..most of its collection was sold out….and the rest of them were either too small for me or too large….the same happened at another 3-4 places( most of them had some sale going on…Sigh)…and then the exasperation began…what I couldn’t really fathom was why are these people shopping crazy as if there were no tomorrow ?
I mean imagine reebok,nike and adidas being all sold out…lawsie mercy…Simultaneoulsy we were looking out for other clothes also( B’day) but ended up bootless in that segment too….after 2 hours of this penury and Hyderabad traffic…my vexation reached its pinnacle…I wanted to dump all this and get back home and just lie on the couch watching TV ( I am an avid shopper and not really a television enthusiast, but it seemed a better option)…I am extremely phobic towards overtly crowded places …they tire and irritate me ..am not at all tolerant to them…..
But S, my anchor, the ever patient and resilient sweetheart that he is,cajoled me and as usual I blushed and gave up to his charms…I just can’t resist…when he pampers me..am glad I found him 🙂
We steered our way to another store and finally found a comfortable track at WillsLifestyle…its a bit expensive but fit me well…we just bought 1 from them since they didn’t have many options in the sports wear section…and we also decided to check out an exclusive  “Adidas” store, their largest in Hyderabad.

       Right above WillsLifestyle…there is this store called “UrbanYoga” which specializes in fitness wear…I had always been examining it comprehensively …whenever we drove past that square…the name somehow struck a chord with me…reminds me of “FabIndia“- my favourite…so we strode into that store and viola we struck gold…..it has an amazing collection….very comfy wear…exactly the ones you need for exercising and the icing on the cake is its very very reasonably priced…It has set up shop in many major Indian cities…do try it…and now comes the bonus..they were running an offer of ‘buy two, get one free’….they made me bright and cheerful again..
After this good catch we moved on and I got richer with a pair of sandals and other trivial stuff…
And we finally reached home….only after savoring goody treats from Karachi bakery….a very yum place….I am their ardent devotee since childhood…Memories of them bring nostalgia…my dad bringing those delectable treats during summer holidays and we as kids would wait excitedly,salivating dreamily…for him to get home soon..and once he arrives we would gleefully polish off a few of them….simple pleasures…which have become a rarity in this world of instant gratification…
        Then,S and I left to my parents home in the evening and enroute I belayed it further by halting our journey for a visit…to another favourite store of mine “Mzurisana”, its an ethnic outlet which never fails to impress me…its a bit on the expensive side but surely worth it….I picked up pretty clothes for my b’day here….Woohoo “Mission accomplished” and we went home fullfilled and happy that its all done…..and now when I see these clothes stacked carefully in my closet am hit by a deep feeling of satisfaction. 🙂