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My musings


I have been married for over an year now. S and I lived in another town for a while and are now back to Apna Hyderabad. We currently live with S’s parents. Don’t know where the future will take us. Ok, now why am I giving these mindless details ? That means since the past one year + , I do not live with my parents.But till date when I think,talk about “my house” its always my parents house…And am sure it will always remain to be…..Does this happen  with most of  the married women ?

It has nothing to do with where and whom I live with now…..I love my new family….and I now have 2 homes. Feels great.But when I think/talk about ‘my house ‘ its always my parents place. Thats the one which strikes instinctively. It isn’t even an issue in the first place then why do I sometimes ruminate at length about it ?


My new home



 Its official, I relocated. Blogger got tiring ..felt locked in with its dull and hard templates…..needed a fresh lease…hopefully wordpress will charm me…..lets get on with the journey and all the posts from blogger have been imported here ….there’s nothing to miss….hope you’ll enjoy it …..and I promise there will be lots more to offer from me….

Welcome to my new home……….

Love,Random Musings….