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Weighty Woes


walkingIt resurfaces yet again….its been an issue since long and was kept under the wraps rusting for a while….well, the questions of the moment is “My weight”.

I have been battling the bulge for long and after a series of illnesses which sapped me from all my energy, the doc came out with a diagnosis that its the avoirdupoisness which is the main culprit…Pursuing a profession which dictates me to be seated all the time at work just aggravates it ……and its a wide spread side effect for most of them in the IT industry (am a software engineer).

When I look back I dont really remember when exactly the pounds started to pile on…..and let me you tell me they always stack at the wrong places….wait, Is there a right place??? I was always an underweight child and teenager…painfully thin and a constant worry to my parents ( thinness meant sickness for some strange reason). I still remember my mom pestering me to gulp down a tall glass of whole milk banana milkshake every morning (in addition to breakfast) so that I just add some kgs…well, its another story that her try outs didn’t last long…..So thats how my college life went…mom trying to come up with various modus operandi to fatten up me..which intensified exponentially for a few days following a vacation to my home town or a wedding in the family….where the concerned relatives (???) bothered and fussed about my weight and mom always thought something should be done to her dear daughter and then its a cycle again…some new recipes, new trials…and meant a new set of miseries for me…but now How I wish I could turn back time and get back to those days….especially when my mom says ” I never imagined in my wildest dreams that you could put on so much weight?” I just want to chant some mantra (like in movies) and transform into my desirable oldself….

Since then life has taken a 360 degree turn quite literally and at the present state where it is I am technically overweight…not obese.Though I look lighter than what I weigh…… am a good 10-12 kgs heavier than the ideal body weight a woman of my height/age should theoretically be…ok, I dont really have a regard for such theories but I care for my health and hence these surplus pounds have to be shaken away soon…..

And S being the supportive sweetheart he always is perked me up and we both together started to walk in the nearby park and got the show on the road.Its been 2 weeks since we set out on these walks and we thoroughly enjoy them. Having a walk worthy park in the neighbourhood is a luxury in Hyderabad which am sure not many can boast of…what with the mad erections of lifeless structures in every nook and corner of the city one is subjected to these days…the concept of lungspace has come closer to extinction…

We truly understand this and indulge ourselves totally…the fresh oxygen, chirping of birds,ducks floating merrily in the lake, the fresh fresh smell of dewy lush green leaves and glowing trees early in the morning is quite a sight to behold…I guess we are greatly motivated because of these and stay put to the routine as religiously as we can…

Anyways its been so far so good, S and I have also been watching what we eat and are keeping an eye on the carbs and the fats….moderation is the key word….It works better this way for me…since the day I think of a specified diet and rule out eating certain sections of food….I am deepyly hit by a craving for that specific food variety, which I wanted to keep away from…so this avoiding certain varieties of food doesn’t go well with me…since when I consciously evade anything, I miss it immensely and get back to it with an unimaginable vengeance…and what follows is immense guilt and dejection and poor S at the receiving end of this glumness…

And the results…S has really gone down…looks leaner than his leanself..and there is sure change in me too..with clothes getting looser and fitting better…I am generally happy and wish to bid goodbye to flab this time….forever…

* This post is more of a rant but still makes me glad since its been a while I rambled anything… And it reinstates the fact that I indeed love writing….even if its without rhyme and reason..


Two years and still going strong


This blog was born on a rather dull and boring day at office. For as long as I remember I had been writing…basically a journal of sorts at total random…..I always loved reading and writing and they never failed in , giving me a high ….its therapeutic for me .

When I started this blog there wasn’t an iota of idea about what I would scribble here… it was just one of those pointless things I did to relieve my ennui ….and I today noticed that its been over 2 years …. Never once I designed that it will come this long…. Since I still prefer writing on paper rather than typing the keyboard….. and words roll down effortlessly when they are on a paper rather than the blog…..but am sort of weird that way. I still prefer

1) writing letters to people rather than e-mail…. Its warm isn’t it?

2) fountain pen over the ball point pen….Its exotic isn’t it ?

OK, am digressing too much now. Well, the border line is this space is over two years old now and I couldn’t have raised it this long without your warmth and support. I would like to thank each one of my readers who spent their precious time reading my ruminations …..its been a delight till date and am sure the journey forward shall be gratifying as always.



I don’t know why I titled this post  Happenings, since I feel its more of a rant  rather than an occurrence, maybe because there isn’t anything worthwhile happening. Ok, I know am talking crap now……lets move on…..

The most exciting incident of the previous week was a weekend getaway trip to Kurnool. S (my husband), I and a couple of our friends drove to this small town for a break……most of  the trip was spent in the car driving back and forth. But still it was an enjoyable trip. We didn’t do much of sight-seeing, couldn’t cover what we even planned but on the whole its quite a memorable expedition. Its been a really long time since we ventured out on one and we are all glad we did. We did the usual things like incessant chatting, pulling each other ‘s legs, playing silly and crazy music etc, and everything at total random. What I liked about the trip particularly is its out and out dynamism. We just did what occurred to us at that moment. Like say,  stopping the car in the middle of a road and clicking pictures, strolling in sunflower farms and more picture clicking, eating whenever we want, playing cards till late night………

I guess life slowly brings in a lot of monotonicity as we grow ( when we were kids we were always busy, hehehe, isn’t it? ) and this trip proved to be a spontaneous unplanned adventure  for all of us and it was further seasoned  with the delightful company of friends ….It broke the routine and we all came back refreshed and distressed……and am sure  all of us need these kind of short retreats once in a while. Ain’t it?  Well, I certainly do 🙂

Coffee in the Rain


            Its summer time In India….that translates to sweltering and scorching days….meanwhile yesterday evening Varun paid an impromptu yet pleasant visit… I love it when he drops by unplanned and on the spur of the moment…Jingalala !
       So we quickly dashed off to Coffee day…for a steaming cuppa…I cozyly sipped my Grandlatte while he was pitter-pattering……sheer delight…these little but hugely gratifying moments are what I yearn for ….bring me immense joy….and maketh my life…..

* Varun is the rain god  🙂



        Am still at work,aching to break into an impromptu jig right now…at this very second..but since that doesn’t seem viable( I have to come back tomorrow and face my colleagues)…my heart is singing, dancing,rolling in ecstasy…and am happy…happy for no reason….oh ok, apparently there is a reason….there is an unexpected spell, its raining cats and dogs outside…am a true blue water lover….am its esoteric child….and Varun’s (rain god) visit today is exceptionally special since he decided to drop by when he is least anticipated.Such sweet precipitating advents of his pave way for the best of my moods…they sooth me, cleanse my soul and elevate me……Ooh La laa la laa la laa laa…..

Good times


Many a times seemingly trivial things in life bring utmost satisfaction ,happiness and comfort.
My last weekend was full of such stuff. We haven’t done anything adventurous..but am  basking in its after effects.
Its been a simple and quiet weekend. We did the basic necessary weekend stuff….bought groceries from many stores (every store doesn’t have all what you want here)..went shopping for fruit and vegetables..mostly ate at home except for a terrible and disastrous lunch on saturday at an awful restaurant.
The only deviation from normalcy is my successful completion of the long pending visit to the beautician…and an evening out at the beach.
I had been contemplating what made me so happy about this evidently simple routine…its about doing all these with S…its about spending constructive time with him..its having my precious pixie all for myself…
Though we work at the same place ,travel together ….one can’t truly address them as “Together times” and by the time we are home we are exhausted,tired and bone dead…
But this weekend it was different….we did every little thing together…and having him around all the time all to myself is a real treat….am jubilated beyond belief and am blushing while typing this too….
This weekend will go down memory lane as the king of good times and will be etched in my heart forever…

A friend for Keeps

I and S met up with lakshmi and her parents last night. Officially they were the first friends and family who visited us in Vizag….
For me they are ‘friends and family’…. Laks has been my dearest friend from over a decade and she is family now since she is more like a sister than a friend. And her parents are few of the sweetest people I had met in my life. Knowing them since long…they are family now.
We met up at a restaurant which in no way or degree matched the occasion. There isn’t anything remarkable to write about the place or food. So I let it take back seat since it would pale out in comparison with the pleasant evening.
What was wonderful is meeting L, aunty and uncle and chat upon past, present life though nothing in particular. We conversed upon how much had changed and how much remained the same. It was ‘bonding’ time and it made me quite nostalgic. Long lasting friendships are priceless and genuine.
I don’t have friendships from high school that lasted, so legitimately and truly L is my oldest and dearest friend and I feel glad that the emotions grew deeper with the test of time. We would chat and spend endless hours talking stupid stuff, giggling interminably and we are still absolutely capable of laughing at nothing and anything.
When I contemplate the times we spent together, it fills me with comfortable warmth and blessedness. She is a person with whom I could open up without any reserve, lean on and also blabber total non-sense and still know that I would be loved. L is the essence of what a true girlfriend means……though we don’t meet up consistently now, whenever we meet we always pick up from where we left off last time. And I can be this only with very very few people.
Co-incidentally this happens to be my 50th post and I dedicate it to L for always being there. And am always there for you too L….
Wishing you all the success and happiness.
Lucky to have you.
P.S : Your straight hair looked awesome L…just loved it. Have been considering it since a really really long while but had been vacillating since I was pretty anxious about its aftereffects. What if I turn Bald? (hehehe).But now am all set to take the plunge and don the new look.
Can’t wait for it 🙂