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Up for Consideration


This blog is an outlet….a space where I rant,vent,share,discuss,celebrate,all of that and much more. Its been a hugely satisfying and fulfilling journey so far and am sure it will continue to be the same in the future too….It gifted me with friendships that blossomed and strengthened overtime, which I hold very dear.

Today I want to ask all my dear pals their ideas on something, which will help clear my prolonged muddleheadedness. I had been contemplating about opening up a new blog which will we be my salute to the artisans and craftsmen of India (My take on contemporary arts,crafts,textiles and all things ethnic). I share a deep love for anything hand loom and handmade…..and there is such vast expertise of it in India that it never ceases to amaze me…..Its a long cherished dream and advice from all you lovely people will be a great value addition ….

What do you want the blog to consist of (In short, What do you want to see there ) ?

There are a few primitive ideas which seem inspiring to me …..For eg : showcase of various handicrafts stuff like fabrics,jewelery etc; happening weavers/co-op fairs and exhibitions and their reviews, where to get such stuff etc, gift ideas and a lot more.

I want to do so much that it really works me up,throw in your views buddies 🙂




I don’t know why I titled this post  Happenings, since I feel its more of a rant  rather than an occurrence, maybe because there isn’t anything worthwhile happening. Ok, I know am talking crap now……lets move on…..

The most exciting incident of the previous week was a weekend getaway trip to Kurnool. S (my husband), I and a couple of our friends drove to this small town for a break……most of  the trip was spent in the car driving back and forth. But still it was an enjoyable trip. We didn’t do much of sight-seeing, couldn’t cover what we even planned but on the whole its quite a memorable expedition. Its been a really long time since we ventured out on one and we are all glad we did. We did the usual things like incessant chatting, pulling each other ‘s legs, playing silly and crazy music etc, and everything at total random. What I liked about the trip particularly is its out and out dynamism. We just did what occurred to us at that moment. Like say,  stopping the car in the middle of a road and clicking pictures, strolling in sunflower farms and more picture clicking, eating whenever we want, playing cards till late night………

I guess life slowly brings in a lot of monotonicity as we grow ( when we were kids we were always busy, hehehe, isn’t it? ) and this trip proved to be a spontaneous unplanned adventure  for all of us and it was further seasoned  with the delightful company of friends ….It broke the routine and we all came back refreshed and distressed……and am sure  all of us need these kind of short retreats once in a while. Ain’t it?  Well, I certainly do 🙂

I’m bestowed again ……. :)


Past few weeks have been so stressful that to christen them nerve-wracking would be an under statement.
I had been sick more than a couple of times and S had was bitten by a crazy bug in his eye and was terribly ill sending shivers down my spine. Soaring temperatures and tightening situations at work didn’t help much either. We are feeling better now and I was in no mood today to come to work….the viral fever zapped all my energy and I feel irritated and burnt…
   I slowly dragged myself to work today after much cajoling from S. Disinterested I switched on my computer and was ecstastic to find Madhu of Eggless cooking honor me with an award….
   Madhu, you really made my day and also the week…I feel much much better now and am delighted that you thought of me for this….this is a total surprise and a very sweet one and will be cherished….I simply adore your blog….

And as the tradition, I pass on this to

Archana of Rang

Hanlie of Fertile healthy

Diana of scalejunkie

    Dear Hanlie has awarded my blog with an ” Good chat Blog award” and am thrilled to bits about it….Thank you Hanlie….the blog was always a vent out for my musings….am fired up to know that you feel its a good chat blog…your thought in itself is an award for me…..am delirious now 🙂

And this goes to

laksh of Musings

Madhu of  EgglessCooking 

Anu of Escapades

Sailu of  sailu’skitchen

Susan of Fatfreevegan

  While I started blogging I never imagined that the journey would be so fulfilling and gratifying. Thank you one and all who visit my space and spend your valuable time reading my rants….YOU ALL TRULY MAKE MY DAY/S…

And the Award goes to…..


I have been completely off the radar for quite a while….until Laksh brought unexpected and much needed cheer to my life….work’s getting hectic day by day and I find zero enthusiasm in anything else…..and its no fun at the workplace too….this further intensified offlate leaving me totally demotivated …..and as a result, my blog suffers…but last thursday changed it , quite a lot…
    My blog and I were awarded a “Nice matters Award”….Yay!

“Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

      Thank you Laksh, this is my first ever and will remain very special since it comes from you and also it came at a period when I was at an all-time low…it brought loads of warmth, happiness and joy to me …..so much so that it lingered on my entire weekend.You made my day(days)!
  My blog which is silently grieving at my disregard is breathing in ……thank you! Needless to say, I was thrilled beyond words….with this gladsome attention …yippie…………..!
And the award goes to …..

Laksh : Obviously, since yours is the first blog I read every morning eversince I ran into it.And am a ardent admirer of your not-yet written book…and it brings me great joy to read my musings in your thoughts too….we should discuss the ‘probable kumbh mela episode’ in person with our respective mom’s , hehehe ……..

Hanlie : For your sheer grit,strength and determination. You are my inspiration.And I just love your warm and heartfelt words on every post of mine…you really touch me and encourage me….

Arundati : I had known you earlier too but chanced upon your blog unknowingly and simply loved it…I have to admit that I secretly wish I were like you… individually multiple….you inspirit me and make everything seem so real and effortless….Escapades is my one-stop blog and you never let me down….another writer in the making….

Bombaygirl : I want to share this with your kids too…such sweethearts they are…..I just love it when I receive a comment on my post from you….so genuine and authentic…glad to have found you !

Diana : Your each and every single post is awesome….I love the way you write and what a great job with the challenge too…your warmth and cheer encompasses me always… am a big fan of yours.

Amulya : Serendipity.I had picked a book of yours from the copenhagen library 4 years ago since I was living alone in denmark and your name instantly made me feel home…and I had been hooked to your books eversince….back then I didn’t know you lived there, else it would have been a delight to meet you…I still sulk about this to my husband…And it goes without saying that I absolutely love your blog and am its devoted reader.

Madhumita : Though I have stumbled upon your blog recently it struck a chord immediately..its so very youthful,random and fresh…it always brings back my teen memories…whenever I read your post it feels as if we are conversing directly face-to-face.

Mellowing Innocence



    Today in the afternoon post lunch, I had come across a group of 4 primary school girls…they were sharing a chocolate muffin….and ate it heartliy with giggles and chuckles…..it was such a pleasing sight for me…was instantly transported to my school days…I am not talking about the muffin 🙂 …..its the unsurpassable bliss and satisfaction friends and sharing bring….those debonair days where eyes are drenced in dreams, and everyday is welcomed with gaiety for no apparent reason…when stress is unheard of…..
      Where are all those gone ? I do not say we dont have sunny moments…but there is a certain innocence, take life as it comes attitude which misses out…Is it a part of growing up?
  But I would say, if we have to give up on such simple joys, why should we ever ripen? I refuse to, but do I have a choice !

NOTE : The Pink Hibiscus is shot in Vienna by S’s sweet cousin. I simply loved it ! Smitten by its sheer simplicity .

A friend for Keeps

I and S met up with lakshmi and her parents last night. Officially they were the first friends and family who visited us in Vizag….
For me they are ‘friends and family’…. Laks has been my dearest friend from over a decade and she is family now since she is more like a sister than a friend. And her parents are few of the sweetest people I had met in my life. Knowing them since long…they are family now.
We met up at a restaurant which in no way or degree matched the occasion. There isn’t anything remarkable to write about the place or food. So I let it take back seat since it would pale out in comparison with the pleasant evening.
What was wonderful is meeting L, aunty and uncle and chat upon past, present life though nothing in particular. We conversed upon how much had changed and how much remained the same. It was ‘bonding’ time and it made me quite nostalgic. Long lasting friendships are priceless and genuine.
I don’t have friendships from high school that lasted, so legitimately and truly L is my oldest and dearest friend and I feel glad that the emotions grew deeper with the test of time. We would chat and spend endless hours talking stupid stuff, giggling interminably and we are still absolutely capable of laughing at nothing and anything.
When I contemplate the times we spent together, it fills me with comfortable warmth and blessedness. She is a person with whom I could open up without any reserve, lean on and also blabber total non-sense and still know that I would be loved. L is the essence of what a true girlfriend means……though we don’t meet up consistently now, whenever we meet we always pick up from where we left off last time. And I can be this only with very very few people.
Co-incidentally this happens to be my 50th post and I dedicate it to L for always being there. And am always there for you too L….
Wishing you all the success and happiness.
Lucky to have you.
P.S : Your straight hair looked awesome L…just loved it. Have been considering it since a really really long while but had been vacillating since I was pretty anxious about its aftereffects. What if I turn Bald? (hehehe).But now am all set to take the plunge and don the new look.
Can’t wait for it 🙂