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Savoir-faire Kumble


When it comes to cricket am a complete neophyte…I have never liked anything about it…I found it quite tiring to watch…I am not the one who can sit glued to the idiot box for one whole day or more ( test matches) and follow each and every ball like a religion. Its just not me.
Whenever India played an important match or if its a world cup all I would bother about is who ‘won’ the game eventually. And this too is just for the general information sake….
Though my cricketing interests end there…I always found those 11 men appealing….for whatever reasons.
And AnilKumble always ranked first…I loved him for the person he is rather than his cricketing credentials…am sure he is a great cricketer…all I want to say is I would have loved him the same even if he isn’t a cricketer….he is always real, genuine, sincere and authentic and above all “Diplomacy personified”. He is tall and hansome too …icing on the cake.
My heart broke when he got married…I have been pinning hopes…dreaming that one fine day he would come looking for me… 🙂 and then one day I found S, am glad that Kumble didn’t come…… S is my best man..can’t imagine myself without him…. am madly in love with him. Even Kumble can’t change that… Period !
But I  admire Kumble….for his qualities and am also very happy for him and his family…
And we all got yet another glimpse of his diplomacy and composedness during this aussie tour…the cricket kangaroos must learn a lesson or two from him…after all one cannot survive as a babe in the woods for long….