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My take on Vanity !


People who know me up-close would be laughing out loud at the title of this post…….calling myself a novice is an understatement….am utterly clueless and hopeless when it comes to cosmetics, make-up…..

ok, I admit am no bollywood wannabe….but trust me am really bad….For a 25+ year old, all I ever possessed were a Kajal (love it crazy) and a lipstick. I owned just one lipstick till last year ( I bought 2 of them and one lip gloss for my wedding and that too since my friend S forced me to). If it weren’t for her, I would still be happy and content with that one lipstick of mine…….I never understood what blush and eyeshadow do and till date have no idea on foundations,compacts etc . So much so that my husband was initially shocked to see the little plastic box ( I claimed it to be my vanity case)……. ūüôā

Its he who constantly encourages me to try stuff and takes me to stores and pushes me to buy stuff. It isn’t that I am against it…I love kohl and especially the Smokey eye ( earlier clueless about how its done,but not anymore) but its just that I was never keen….all I need is a kohl pencil to make me happy….

I do once in a while venture into beauty stores to try stuff but would get out as soon as possible since am either intimidated or plain frustrated. If you had ever been into beauty stores in India you would relate to the frustrated part……On an average there are 4-5 sales assistants who welcome you into the store the moment you step in and then the drama starts……they compete against each other in eying your attention in a rather crude way and would whisk you off to their counter in a jiffy….I find this extremely irritating…..firstly, I’d prefer to be on my own and can/would ask for assistance if needed…and secondly, I everytime don’t want to buy cosmetics….

But if you think the drama is over at that, then you are mistaken….its just begun….

If you out of modesty do go to a counter, they bombard you with their products and information and I usually feel like running away as fas as I can from the spot…..I feel terrible…..they go this way ;

Maam since you have wrinkles ( I am super duper angry by then, since I know I do not have, come on, am in mid 20’s) use product #1, since you have pigmented skin use product #2 etc…..so if you can bear them for a minute or 2, your self-confidence is at danger and can sometimes hit rock bottom……And if one is smart enough ( you learn to be after a few visits) and appear disinterested another assistant from a different brand (who has been sneaking ) comes to you and says that she has better products and if you are lured to go to her counter, history repeats itself……

If you are really smart ( happens after a considerable number of visits) and get away from them as soon as you step in the store ( I now just say sorry and move on as soon as I get in) its just impossible to elude them….they proceed behind you as you move …..and by then out of sheer frustration I just leave the place without even buying what I intended to while I stepped in……

And then one fine day I chanced upon a blog and have been maha excited eversince….it literally opened a Pandora’s box for me , its my super duper beauty guide now….its extremely helpful and doesn’t intimidate me…Kudos to IndianGirl for running such a wonderful space…..products and techniques so elaborately explained and reviewed….great job, girl…..and the joy has just started, she now has shopping options for readers in India. Do check it out , I just bought a few of them today and am super excited…..

I met her lovely friend D today to pick up stuff. D is a very sweet, honest and patient girl. For an make-up ignorant like me she went on explaining stuff and answered my silly stupid questions (eg : how do I smudge an eyeliner , how to apply eyeshadow) with great patience….she was very honest which I totally adored….when I asked her if this would suit me or not etc kind of questions….I love it when I get such honest opinions….When S (my husband) and I met D and her cool mom, we instantly felt at ease….and loved the experience….adding to this, she spread the warmth by offering me to call her anytime for any doubts/questions etc……now isn’t she a sweetie ?


Unpleasant Puffery


Had you been watching advertisements in television offlate you will rightaway relate to this….

¬†¬†¬†¬† Men’s grooming products are the new fancy these days…there are quite a many ads in the TV about¬† men’s deo’s, fairness creams (????), innergarments,perfumes,aftershaves etc
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† But all these ads look similar and project the same concept…if you use their product women will immediately and magically go to bed with you…yeah, thats as disgusting as it gets…
¬†¬†¬† There is serious dearth of creativity and originality in the concepts…and they are all downright lousy and cheap…show both men and women in poor light…
¬†¬†¬† ¬†Come on, dont these huge organisations realise this …..they churn out¬†massive¬†wampum to big ad-houses to sire such third-rate advertisements….¬† Which man worth his salt would use deo’s, perfumes, mobiles,clothes only so that he can bring women to bed…or which women worth her salt would bed a man just for these…..even more gross are the inner wear and fairness cream ads….inner garments have a purpose..one doesn’t wear them (usually) to impress women…well, I haven’t met any of such types till date……and if they are targeting teenagers….teenagers today are much smarter and sharp-witted to fall for such fallacies….
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† And coming to fairness creams its a story in itself……the ads ( 4-5 major brands but same concept) show a dull and tired looking guy who has very low self-confidence (in talking to girls and the girls avoid him and mock at him because of his skin color) and then is introduced to this wonderful magic potion (sometimes endorsed by the (“badshaah-shahrukh Khan“) which instantly transforms him into a fair, bright and confident guy where all the girls around are dying to get his attention……but wait, from all my mills and boon readups (teenage years) men were always tall, dark and handsome…so when did the equation change to ” Fair = Handsome and smart”……..
¬†¬†¬† Phew, when will we outgrow our love for white skin…..its high-time we move on from a white loving nation to a people loving nation…life will be much better for all of us…..