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Fond Remembrances


Many a times I find myself cozyily wrapped up in the warm and nostalgic memories of my Copenhagen days. Those prolonged winters which never ceased to end , those  solitary, long  yet discovering summer days …it was quite an experience. Copenhagen opened a pandora’s box for me…gave me an MS, my first job which I  consider is still  my best job ever and many more big and small yet significant accomplishments. It truly set me free…

It is here that I learnt to be all on my own, be my self support system… manage finances ,pay my own bills :), be responsible for each day of my life …..it was all mine…and I feel proud that I can truly take the credit of living in a foreign land(which sometimes isn’t as exotic as it sounds though ). It isn’t the case with Indians travelling to the US, where Indianess is every where (Information Courtesy : Friends). Though I would have loved to have a dose of it in Copenhagen especially during those lonesome times…I cherish the incredible friends I had made  …the experience as a whole is splendorous.

I can go on and on about my experiences…..but I’d wish to take one at a time . Post lunch today my thoughts travelled to the faraway land ,and triggered and awakened fervent memories of these places.

1) A lovely and cosy cafe “Cosmopol”which served remarkable Cappuchino,’s  latte’s , sandwiches, salads and it is here that I merrily polished off  innumerable cups of steaming hot sinness called ‘Coffee’ with dandy satisfaction.

The picture doesn’t even fend half- justice to the cafe but this is all I could procure.


2) I absolutely loved this place . And the icing on the cake ,it was just a stone’s throw from my apartment. Talk of convenient Bliss. They served yummy ice creams, milk shakes and sorbets. A creamy and glowing place where one could always find a place to sit…it was never overtly crowded or noisy. Once I went out at around 2.00 AM to buy myself an ice cream and they were more than glad to attend to me.


 And they had this delighfully pretty ice wagon for summers… Lawsie mercy, by any means one wouldn’t be able to escape its charms. Trust me. 🙂 I many a times tried futilely.