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Been tagged by Madhu to list out my five addictions. Going by my fondness for tags I immediately jumped off the couch to write this. Lately I had been caught by a severe bout of writing hebetudinous , hence the incessant absence from blogging land. And this tag just suspended that.

Although its quite a task to stop at just five. Though I am not a person of obsessive habits, I have my fair share of manias. And after much deliberation here come my top five,

1. Books : To call them an addiction is an understatement. I am a book lunatic. They are like drugs to me. I read crazy. I simply love it. And am very deeply attached to them. I also have this silly fear since childhood, that if I don’t read or write anything that day, I will be left behind in the world. đŸ™‚ Absurd , ain’t it?

2. Water : I gulp down gallons of it. I just need to have a bottle of it around me all the time else am distressed. I sip it like every 5 mins, Yeah all through the year and in all weather conditions.

3. Block-Printing : I professed my love for it time and again in this space. Am vehemently addicted to it. In fact anything ethnic and handicrafty is my cup of tea. I have a large corner in my heart for arts,crafts, weaves, antiques, traditional stuff. They are my Nirvana.

4. Kohl : All forms of it, be it Kajal/powder/eyeliner, am game. I love its smudged look. Gives a lot of character to the eyes. It has monumental significance in my life đŸ™‚

5. FruitYoghurt : Be it home-made or store bought I have an appetite for it anytime of the day. I indulge in it perpetually and feasting on it transcends and soothes me. Its therapeutic.

Ok, folks now share yours and let me have a peek. Its open to everybody who finds this little rattle brained space of mine interesting.


To blog or not ?


Its been a hectic weekend with loads of shopping which stressed me out completely….I hate shopping in overtly crowded places…it  irks me out and baffles me…and I had been unwell on monday…so these 3 days had been ‘no’ blogging days… I missed it a lot……it made me restless…I many times restated here writing is my therapy…it unwinds me….and am happy being back…This tag is from Laksh and I enjoyed doing it…..

Do you feel comfortable writing things as is? Or do you leave the unpleasant parts out or tailor the posts to be more polished?

I tailor them for sure…but basically I dont venture out from my comfort zone..

Do you feel compelled to write everyday? Or does it come to you naturally?

It comes naturally…within me there is this intense urge to write…but some times I dont know what to write and many a times there are too many things to write about…

Would you write what you want to write on against what will receive more comments/responses?

I love comments/responses but I write wholly and solely only on topics that strike and interest me…never for responses..

Do you establish contacts and try to maintain it with the people who comment on your blogs?

I’d love to…and I usually try maintaining contacts….I always read their blogs too…

Is there an element of competition/comparison with other bloggers that you feel sometimes?

Nothing of that sort…I feel everybody has their own style when it comes to writing..but I certainly want to get better…I compete with myself….but I do get inspired by others work and I would love to write like PW……she never fails to crack me up.

Have you had any personal problem/argument with anyone related to anything you posted?Just yes or no and how you dealt with it?