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What a day it was !


Am still basking in the gorgeousness of yesterday… ūüôā
We had missed workouts on Monday and Tuesday since S was sick…and I wanted to exercise on my birthday ( wednesday)…since it will be the great start for me…I just love the day¬†I workout….its Oh, so good !
It was step aerobics and its my favorite… :)…my first present..and as soon as the session came to an end my trainer brought in an “Eggless chocolate cake” for me….and I was shocked at this…thats really sweet of them…to remember that I am a Lacto-vegetarian…though I was very embarrassed ( well there were around 20+ people singing “Happy birthday”) I still loved their warm gesture…and the cake tasted divine…
Truly, a surprising start for the day…..
¬†¬†¬†¬† Well, something happened in February…though I wanted to share it with you all long time back…I wanted to wait till it sees the light of the day… I was chosen for a photoshoot(my aerobics trainer¬†pens a health article )for a local magazine here..its a new magazine and co-incidentally their launch fell on my birthday…so in the evening S and I were at the party…and we loved it ! …As soon as S could lay hands on a copy he frantically started searching for my picture ….cho sweet of him! and¬† there were two of mine indeed…one on the Index page and another in the article ,I felt delighted …..my few minutes of fame…hehehe…not really…but I admit I felt very good about it….and when S said that I look much fitter now when compared to the picture my joy knew no bounds…The magazine will be out for everybody in a couple of days ….but S didn’t want to wait and with his mobile phone clicked pictures of mine from the copy…he’s just crazyily thrilled about the whole thing ….here is a picture of it…


¬†¬†¬† And from there on we proceeded to a¬†superb restaurant called “Bamboo Bay” and we just loved the meal, the evening…and everything…Its a beach side restaurant and for the first time ever we had a real candle-light dinner….the food was great, ambience excellent along with the music of waves…and I simply loved the day…and will cherish it forever…for so many sweet surprises……And I absoultely love Urli’s…can’t resist them and¬†there was¬†one at the restaurant…loved it, though the floating candle went off by the time we were about to leave…


NOTE : I promise that¬†it will be the last post on my birthday..I know that I’m bothering all you folks too much with this¬† ūüôā


A Special Day !


¬†¬†¬†¬† This is a special post…special since its my birthday today and am¬† on top of the world with all the extra attention and lovely wishes….Am really feeling like a Queen (Are you listening/reading Hanlie)This is extra special since its the first after marriage and am loving it with S..he had wished me zillion times till now and am sure it will go on….Oh, I have a lovely husband.Touchwood!
¬†¬† And another reason for this one to be absolutely special is the “Healthy you Challenge ” and support from all you wonderful people…its amazing and oh so inspiring…I’m loving it ! ūüôā
I feel so good when I effortlessly slip into all my clothes…yeah, you got it right…I’ve lost a few inches…I dont know how many but I know that I did lose some….and I haven’t got on to the scale since we are not able to find a decent one at the Aerobics studio and S and I will never get one for ourselves..its way too stressful…so I am not bothered about the number…am enjoying this loss which I feel, the rosy cheeks after the workout and the new energetic,confident and enthusisatic me ….so the scale will have to wait…
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Today morning when I put on my new dress I have noticed that its comparatively loose….since I wore it in the trial room last time…Oh, that feeling…its more than million presents…and S said the same too…and I bought this new dress three weeks ago…..so these 3 weeks were indeed good.
¬†¬†¬†¬† We have decided to eat out today…c’mon I dont want to cook on my birthday¬† and while at lunch I noticed that both S and I are invariably and unconsciously¬†choosing healthy options….its just happening as a way of life..we are not pushing ourselves…its just that we are used to it by now…and I have no cravings whatsoever….now what else can be blissful than this…and here today for the first time ever I am going to post a picture of myself on this blog…for all your wonderful people…I shall come out with a more detailed b’day post tomorrow…about the day and¬†happenings, surprises…
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† This picture is randomly shot by S with his mobile phone at lunch today …..while we were waiting for our main course…I have a great fancy and weakness for side silhouette’s (click for the actual size)¬†….I find them endearing and irrestible…..and I won a NSV for myself…my b’day treat….truly on cloud nine ūüôā


Yet another Random post!


Another weekend passes by…without notice…saturday had been extremely busy…we were at office for some urgent job….and the day slipped..and since sunday, S had been sick…and it streched till monday too….I was terrribly worried and troubled too, to see him suffer…he’s doing fine today, though he is still recuperating….and I am relieved…

¬†¬†¬† Offlate, I dont get time to blog as much as I’d wish to..sometimes its work..and many a times its this “many ideas to blog but none of them sees the light of the day” syndrome…and I have been brooding about it at large,…I always enjoyed “A post a day” but when I forced onto myself that “It has to be a post a day” it suddenly started stressing me out…Its strange that even the most enjoyable hobby can put one off if we force it on ourselves…thats when I decided….my love for writing is too very dear to me and I dont want to forego it…hence from now on…I shall scribe only when I wish to and and when I want to ….not because I have to…and this brings me immense peace!

¬†¬†¬† And now while I am typing this, am highly excited..tomorrow is my birthday and am stoked….as I reiterated to death many a times that I am a great fan of anniversaries and any special ceremonies… I’m also painfully agoraphobic…..hence for me the idea of a celebration is always family,friends and with company¬†whom I feel comfortable being around with….but I do not know why I’d want to announce it here….its the warmth of your words and the feel good factor,solace your company brings…….:)