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Ring in,Ring out


The time of the year ……when one looks back and reminisces the past 12 months….

I am the types who isn’t very excited about the New Year…I admit it’s a nice time and new beginnings and all….glad about it but am not the one to get caught in the frenzy…I prefer staying home rather than attending new year parties…and If I do attend it’s always a small gathering with people who matter…..just as any other get-togethers which happen round the year…..with no hoopla attached…..

During school days a new year meant lots of cakes….my dad would be gifted quite a few of them and we would gorge on them for days …..And to top it they came in very fancy shapes…butterfly, bird, rabbit etc…..we didn’t engage in the cake cutting tradition for birthdays … I associate cakes with New year…and this was the most exciting part…..since eggless cakes in such abundance was not easy to source in Hyderabad then ….and these came from special orders with the yummiest flavors……
Apart from that it was also about the Diaries he gets gifted…..I would hoard them all ….for writing journals, doing maths, scribbling randomly….everything……I am a diary addict….bring them on 🙂

Today morning when dad came visiting he got me the new diary for 2011….and it brought back all these memories … felt truly special….here I was managing teams and running a house and considering all grown up and then my dad treats me as the same old little girl ;I feel special , very special….and parents are that way isn’t it ? I love it…and my dad is a man of very few words….yet the tradition of diaries continues till date (he’s never missed providing them each year) 🙂

The year that is passing by has had its hits and misses…with all those that life offered I emerged stronger, confident and elucidative about what I want…what defines me….I guess the most titillating journey is of self-introspection and this year I can proudly say that I have discovered a major part of myself… a way I can vouch that I am coming of age…..and I quite like that…..

I wish and hope the learning never ends ,be it any year ….the journey remains as tantalizing as ever…and I pray humbly to the almighty to administer in me the strength to experience whatever the future beholds , be it bouquets or brickbats….to remain elegant and dignified and march ahead with sophistication……

Have a Happy New year folks! See you on the other side




    July and August is the sales time….magical time….and I’ve been hoarding too….here is my loot . I haven’t shopped much from the sales though…not that I didn’t want to…but couldn’t find interesting stuff…but that never stops me  from shopping 🙂

This post is for you dearies ( holly and sally) for being so selfless in sharing your stuff and style…..every day…

Necklaces : Stone pendant from Fab, thread and wood necklaces : from Anokhi

A closer look… love them

Silver and metal from fab and Anokhi . Holls/Salls- same pinch  🙂

tunics from Fab, Anokhi. I bought a few more from Fab and soma – they are now in the wash 🙂

On sale : Reebok t-shirt ( manish arora fish fry collection )….it has very interesting sleeves….am not sure if I can ever afford Manish arora (amazing eclectic style) …till then these will give me company…. isn’t the guitar strumming Disney way too cute 🙂

A while ago I had mentioned about this shop …this stuff is from the same lady…she had an anniversary sale and I went bonkers…

Cotton and Khadi material…waiting to take shape…

Silk saree in rich hues (dont you love the colors) from the same shop….I love sarees….How often I drape them is another story…but I simply love them and hoard them….I can never let a pretty saree pass by….its an investment…..come on agree 🙂

I love attending craft fairs and exhibitions….one can get such different stuff there….this bag is from one such random exhibition…a young designer from bombay had this awesome stall….

And I fell in love with the yellow…how can one not….its so cheery and the bonus , its a reversible bag….you can use it both ways…whats not to love…

love the bag and the pretty pretty danglers which serve a purpose too ( to open and close the bag)

Oh, I love them

the other way….love the color and  print ….this print reminds me of a collection from FabIndia….

Look at the excellent finish and detailing  of  cloth and leather

While at her store I also picked up this awesome wallet and an extra dangler… If the dangler was long enough I would have worn it as a necklace…suggested this to her…..

On sale : gold  toned footwear from charles and keith

On sale : Earrings from Accessorize – I have way too many turquoise and aqua colored outfits….these add to the color collection

Wooden and Woven bangles , terracota bracelet from random crafts fairs….

So as you can see there isn’t much stuff from sales….but thats not a deterrent to shop 🙂

S for me is


Dear friend Laksh has done such post a while ago. Going by my fascination for tags (they give me a reason to write, to blog,cool) I was pretty enthusiastic to take it up too.But stress took the better off me andI had been postponing it…now that am back wanted to do it as soon as I can…..

Its a tag where one assigns a letter (only if you ask for it 🙂 ) . You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.You are welcome to comment even if you do not want a letter.

Laksh chose the letter S for me and here comes my list…very random….on the spur of the moment.


1) Siva: my better half. And it’s obvious why he tops the list. 🙂

2) Sweat: am just out of the gym. It’s bound to appear here. But let me clarify, I appreciate it only if it succeeds a workout.

3) Success: Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

4) Shopping: I love and hate shopping. Confusing? Ok, let me explain.I love shopping for groceries, home furnishing, curios, kitchen ,home related stuff and shopping for others. I especially love it when its for my parents (role reversal brings the excitement I guess). Since childhood its always they for me, so when its me for them it feels very gratifying.

And I hate shopping for : clothes (trial rooms tire me out) though I love clothes, jewellery( leaves me sore),bags, cosmetics. Infact anything which requires trying out and checking in the mirror puts me off…and stresses me…. make the only exception.

5) Swim: is what I want to do (at least this summer). Swim like a dream – I don’t remember when and where I read or heard this (during childhood) but it’s stuck with me and this is how I want to swim – like a dream. Silly me 🙂

6) Straight: am obsessed with everything straight. Straight hair (mine is wavy 😦 ), straight fits, straight cuts, straight forward people.

7) Singapore: a country that I want to visit. I’ve never been to the east and also it has an IKEA (India doesn’t have one 😦 ). East is just to sound logical but I love IKEA that much. Yeah! That very  much. 🙂

8) Summer: the scorching heat has already come over….and it being only February, indicates that  another torrid and blistering summer awaits us. 😦

9) Sari: am a slave of this six yards of sheer magic. The most subtle, elegant and flattering attire on Indian women in my opinion. Draping it prettily is an art in itself; I am still in the process of fairing reasonably in it at least.

10) Sharon fruit: known as persimmon. Yum Yum fruit. To say am  addicted to it is an understatement. Sadly, it’s not available in India, At least I haven’t heard of it. Any idea folks?

Are you man enough…


Disclaimer: I am neither a bra burning feminist nor a male ilk hater. But I strongly believe in equality and can’t stand gender biasing. And have an extremely soft corner for sensitive men who respect women. S will vouch for this but he thinks am a die hard feminist…well…talk of perspectives...

When you write a blog what happens is everything one hears or overhears(unintentionally) is carefully speculated if it could be possible blogging material..Trust me it just becomes second nature….I don’t do it consciously…

Once such mega blogging incident happened at lunch today. There is this young boy K who is also a part of the team I work for…..over general off-the-cuff gabs today the discussion steered towards K’s opinions on his prospective wife (in short, what he wants from the girl he marries?)……and then what followed blew me out and jolted my belief system…not me but also all the women folk sitting there who were subjected to this trauma…..

I usually carry lunch, which is quite basic everyday food…..andthen the dialogue followed..

K : Oh only one curry, when I get married I will want to have 3 curries,one dal,rasam,dessert, pickle,papads,salad for lunch daily…..

me: Oh you cook?

k: No, my future wife would cook these?

me: So you are seeing somebody who is a great cook too?

k : no, these are the conditions I have for my would be wife….

me : (conditions, godammit… what the hell do you think of yourself? ) well, I said this in the most diplomatic way I could possibly do it…

k : Its so easy to cook, I will buy 4 burner stove and she can cook 3 curries in half hour…its easy

me : Whatever be the number of burners, she will just have 2 hands. How can you say it will take half hour when you can’t cook? First try to cook for yourself….and what if the girl doesn’t like cooking?

k : She has to cook…what is there to like in it?I will do tougher and more meaningful things like paying bills, going to bank etc….

me & A (another colleague of mine) : (we are by now terribly frustrated),huh there is no point talking to him…

And then K went on….His first priority is a beautiful sari clad long haired girl…which is the basic necessity. and then she should never wear salwar kameez…she should be this superwoman who should cook 3 elaborate meals a day, work, and maintain a spic and span house since K is a stickler for neatness…he says he can’t compromise on this….by now me and A (two married woman in the discussion) didn’t know how to react…

That he would be soon preparing a questionnaire of his expectations and give a copy of it to every girl he visits to judge whether she is his wifey material or not ( Pellichupulu in telugu)…..

In sheer helpessness, utter incredulity, extreme choler followed by a state of utmost provocation A and I started laughing….yeah you heard it right….I just didn’t know what to say when I heard all this from him….though what A and I really wanted to do right at that moment is to give him a large piece of our minds, bash him up (I am a diehard advocate of peace, but this was too much for me to take) and tell him that he is vain and no girl would ever want to be associated with someone like him…etc…

And then along with us sat poor M (unmarried girl in the discussion)…..who was totally bewildered and by then shit scared…she kept on saying in the afternoon…..what if I get married to somebody like him? We cajoled her and calmed her down….

We marry for companionship….we marry to wake up everyday with the person whom we deeply love and wish to spend our lives together forever…which stems from love, respect and trust…

We do not marry for great food, cleaner house, beautiful spouse….will this guy ever understand….all he wants is a maid,cook,and >#@#@# (ok, censored)…..WTF…..

Finally with utter desperation when I couldn’t take it no further I blurted out saying, “Dear K, do not marry ever, this way you would do a big big favor on the womenfolk”…..

I may be rude ….so let it be it…I have no regrets in this case whatsoever…..

But that specific question is still ringing in my ears…..WHAT IF? Yes, WHAT IF?

And then I realized how blessed I am….and extremely glad to have found S….and suddenly felt safer for having him and today am gonna get back home and sleep holding him tight…thanking my lucky stars………

Current mood : Cheerless,annoyed and upset….


No no , its got nothing to do with life as such…
Since morning I am eagerly waiting for the day to end…at least the work day to end…..and then get home and cry/sulk in isolation.
I’d been having around 9 sets of unstitched  Salwar suits since a long time…well, I’m quite lazy when it comes to getting them stitched…I do not bother taking them to the tailor till a good number of them have packed up. Then I take them all one fine day and get them done.Thats how it has been since years……since I always had a decent enough
tailor to bank upon….
A couple of weeks ago, it was time to make that trip to the tailor and it was
appropriate timing too since soon I would be joining a new organization in a week. So I was all too excited about having new clothes to wear to the new workplace…a very girly thingie……
But when I finally went to the tailor his shop was shut down…I felt terribly upset since I had been associated with him since the past 10+ years and had no idea of any other tailor…
The neighboring shop guy all concerned told me that the landlord of the shop ran into some legal problems and had to get shut the shop, hence my tailor had to vacate it immediately….
All I could do is to call up the tailor and meet up somewhere another day and get my stuff done…but then I was not motivated enough to do that…hence, I took one of the most doltish decisions…
Went to a new tailor who was quite expensive and had quite a reputation of being good and all that…and like a real moron gave away all my 9 precious,adored, lovingly picked suits to
him…today when I recall my actions I feel like kicking my own butt….
and the outcome is 9 terribly ill-stitched, ill fitting, shapeless dresses…I tried and tried them again and got alterations done…but the end product still sucks big time…If you are a woman  reading this you can so relate to this…
Today I wore one of them, hated it, but in the morning with S around at home it didn’t seem that bad.
As soon as I entered office my colleagues(women, its always them. Do men notice such things?  gotta ask S) remarked on it…one of them also pronounced that I look much much older in this  dress and its more like grandmother’s type…at that moment I wished the ground beneath me
opened and gobbled me up….I wanted to flee and get home and erase that day….well, no hopes…
So all I am doing is staying put at my desk…discomposed..not venturing out much from my space …waiting
for the day to end…It feels as if I am dressed in a rug sack….ok, that doesn’t mean I go to work everyday wearing glamorous filmi type clothes…but I always wear well fitting and smart cotton clothes which make me self-confident….you got the drift…
And am deeply mourning the brutal murders…of my new clothes…and started working emotionally on the possible contingencies. I think I will call up my old tailor and request him to set them straight as much as possible….that means shelling out more moolah…considering
the obnoxious amount I already spent to get them stitched in the first place it makes me cringe….
But Do I have an option???? I have myself to blame for this fiasco…
What to do you all do in such situations? Want to hear out…maybe it will make me feel a bit better…

Weighty Woes


walkingIt resurfaces yet again….its been an issue since long and was kept under the wraps rusting for a while….well, the questions of the moment is “My weight”.

I have been battling the bulge for long and after a series of illnesses which sapped me from all my energy, the doc came out with a diagnosis that its the avoirdupoisness which is the main culprit…Pursuing a profession which dictates me to be seated all the time at work just aggravates it ……and its a wide spread side effect for most of them in the IT industry (am a software engineer).

When I look back I dont really remember when exactly the pounds started to pile on…..and let me you tell me they always stack at the wrong places….wait, Is there a right place??? I was always an underweight child and teenager…painfully thin and a constant worry to my parents ( thinness meant sickness for some strange reason). I still remember my mom pestering me to gulp down a tall glass of whole milk banana milkshake every morning (in addition to breakfast) so that I just add some kgs…well, its another story that her try outs didn’t last long…..So thats how my college life went…mom trying to come up with various modus operandi to fatten up me..which intensified exponentially for a few days following a vacation to my home town or a wedding in the family….where the concerned relatives (???) bothered and fussed about my weight and mom always thought something should be done to her dear daughter and then its a cycle again…some new recipes, new trials…and meant a new set of miseries for me…but now How I wish I could turn back time and get back to those days….especially when my mom says ” I never imagined in my wildest dreams that you could put on so much weight?” I just want to chant some mantra (like in movies) and transform into my desirable oldself….

Since then life has taken a 360 degree turn quite literally and at the present state where it is I am technically overweight…not obese.Though I look lighter than what I weigh…… am a good 10-12 kgs heavier than the ideal body weight a woman of my height/age should theoretically be…ok, I dont really have a regard for such theories but I care for my health and hence these surplus pounds have to be shaken away soon…..

And S being the supportive sweetheart he always is perked me up and we both together started to walk in the nearby park and got the show on the road.Its been 2 weeks since we set out on these walks and we thoroughly enjoy them. Having a walk worthy park in the neighbourhood is a luxury in Hyderabad which am sure not many can boast of…what with the mad erections of lifeless structures in every nook and corner of the city one is subjected to these days…the concept of lungspace has come closer to extinction…

We truly understand this and indulge ourselves totally…the fresh oxygen, chirping of birds,ducks floating merrily in the lake, the fresh fresh smell of dewy lush green leaves and glowing trees early in the morning is quite a sight to behold…I guess we are greatly motivated because of these and stay put to the routine as religiously as we can…

Anyways its been so far so good, S and I have also been watching what we eat and are keeping an eye on the carbs and the fats….moderation is the key word….It works better this way for me…since the day I think of a specified diet and rule out eating certain sections of food….I am deepyly hit by a craving for that specific food variety, which I wanted to keep away from…so this avoiding certain varieties of food doesn’t go well with me…since when I consciously evade anything, I miss it immensely and get back to it with an unimaginable vengeance…and what follows is immense guilt and dejection and poor S at the receiving end of this glumness…

And the results…S has really gone down…looks leaner than his leanself..and there is sure change in me too..with clothes getting looser and fitting better…I am generally happy and wish to bid goodbye to flab this time….forever…

* This post is more of a rant but still makes me glad since its been a while I rambled anything… And it reinstates the fact that I indeed love writing….even if its without rhyme and reason..