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What’s in my bag


     Quite a good while ago Holls and salls shared whats in their bags and passed on this meme to me…. I planned to go for it every weekend but of course did nothing about it… can’t carry the guilt anymore…. I love them both….. 🙂 so here is mine.

  I carry huge bags with hardly any stuff inside…. I love big bags….and to fill them in I always carry a largish stole…..saves me from the crazy AC ( whats with the extremes, Bah) everywhere around…..and also fattens my bag  nicely…

This is my current bag…..sorry about the  tasteless pictures……I am very bad at photography….I dont have to state that, ain’t I?

Ignore the cushion….here comes my current love….which is actually a suprise gift from the husband… ( he has finally learnt  my taste)….Isn’t it very retro ? Its made of cotton and is lined with Jute , I simply adore the scooter print…..its quirkyly ethnic and screams  ME.

 ( click on the image for better visibility)

As I said there is nothing much in my bag 😦

  • Blue and Brown wallet from Holii- Paisley or Ambi’s are my first love, I am crazy about this motif.
  • Few Essentials : comb, lipgloss from Nivea, Lipstick from maybelline, scrunchie.
  • Hand cream from Fab India : this is a must…for my super dry hands
  • A pen …
  • And of course the stole…..its made of very soft wool and cotton blend….yes, I need it ….I work in almost  freezing temperatures.

Yes, I love blue… shows 🙂

I usually carry a book to read and a  bottle of water too….and a pair of sunglasses ( which are now lying in the car) ….see didn’t I warn you, its quite boring….

So who is doing this tag next ? Let me a have a peek folks !


Giveaway time from Holly and Sally


Blogging has enriched me… …and offered rewarding friendships……and my style soul sisters Holly and Sally are up high in this category… many a times it feels surreal…..I identify so much with their style and sensibilities and the astounding ease with which we get  along  ( without an existence of physical medium) …..all this in the virtual world mellows me…..  

Congratulations dearies  on the 250th post…  commemorate this milestone they are hosting an awesome giveaway…. the queens of accessories are going to giveaway some glamorous stuff…..Each piece is Love…… Lets try our Luck Ladies  🙂

How I’d wear them

1)     The filigree earrings:

-With a nice knee length fitting denim skirt and crisp white casual shirt

– a nice kashmiri embroidered salwar suit 

2)     The Balis’ : with all my pastel colored chikan kurta’s and suits ; delicate chiffon sarees in pastels

3)     The neckpiece: With many solid color kurta’s ; jeans and t-shirts ; handloom sarees…

   These are just a few which I can instantly think of. I sure will come out with many more ways to carry them…am a very spur of the moment types when it comes to mixing and matching……

And the Award goes to…..


I have been completely off the radar for quite a while….until Laksh brought unexpected and much needed cheer to my life….work’s getting hectic day by day and I find zero enthusiasm in anything else…..and its no fun at the workplace too….this further intensified offlate leaving me totally demotivated …..and as a result, my blog suffers…but last thursday changed it , quite a lot…
    My blog and I were awarded a “Nice matters Award”….Yay!

“Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

      Thank you Laksh, this is my first ever and will remain very special since it comes from you and also it came at a period when I was at an all-time low…it brought loads of warmth, happiness and joy to me … much so that it lingered on my entire weekend.You made my day(days)!
  My blog which is silently grieving at my disregard is breathing in ……thank you! Needless to say, I was thrilled beyond words….with this gladsome attention …yippie…………..!
And the award goes to …..

Laksh : Obviously, since yours is the first blog I read every morning eversince I ran into it.And am a ardent admirer of your not-yet written book…and it brings me great joy to read my musings in your thoughts too….we should discuss the ‘probable kumbh mela episode’ in person with our respective mom’s , hehehe ……..

Hanlie : For your sheer grit,strength and determination. You are my inspiration.And I just love your warm and heartfelt words on every post of mine…you really touch me and encourage me….

Arundati : I had known you earlier too but chanced upon your blog unknowingly and simply loved it…I have to admit that I secretly wish I were like you… individually multiple….you inspirit me and make everything seem so real and effortless….Escapades is my one-stop blog and you never let me down….another writer in the making….

Bombaygirl : I want to share this with your kids too…such sweethearts they are…..I just love it when I receive a comment on my post from you….so genuine and authentic…glad to have found you !

Diana : Your each and every single post is awesome….I love the way you write and what a great job with the challenge too…your warmth and cheer encompasses me always… am a big fan of yours.

Amulya : Serendipity.I had picked a book of yours from the copenhagen library 4 years ago since I was living alone in denmark and your name instantly made me feel home…and I had been hooked to your books eversince….back then I didn’t know you lived there, else it would have been a delight to meet you…I still sulk about this to my husband…And it goes without saying that I absolutely love your blog and am its devoted reader.

Madhumita : Though I have stumbled upon your blog recently it struck a chord immediately..its so very youthful,random and fresh…it always brings back my teen memories…whenever I read your post it feels as if we are conversing directly face-to-face.

Caught with Blogthings yet again


You Are Destined to Be Thin

Even if you aren’t thin right now, you have great habits that will ensure you’re thin for most of your life.
You have a great relationship with food and eating. Don’t change a thing.

♥ Woohoo….am on top of the world after this quiz…it might be cockeyed..but makes me feel good.