A true piscean….warm…compassionate……..reading and writing freak……usually talkative but now turned silent…passionate about baking, block printing, cooking, dance….waiting to be a teacher….devoted water child…, rains…beaches…confusingly complicated yet stunningly transparent…nags endlessly….and hopelessly in Love.


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  1. Nice blog! I think we might share a few things in common. Specially when it comes to hyperactive minds. Your last post on contemplations was something I could totally relate to.

  2. Laksh : Thanks lakshmi, our thoughts are so collateral..I immediately related to your posts….and your “this is me” seems totally “like me”…nice to meet you 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you through the postcard swap, Rupa. Looks like we are well matched: A Piscean, warm, compassionate, reading and writing freak, passionate about food and dance, devoted water child, love beaches, confusingly complicated yet stunningly transparent. And yes, I nag endlessly too!

    Same here too Sue, am very thrilled too…oh, you are a piscean too…we sure match a lot 🙂

  4. Of course you can put me on your blog roll. That would be very kind of you.
    I hope the little mermaid is coming back, but who knows she has been stolen before… She is going to the Expo 2010 in China, I really don´t know why, but I know that there in the mean time will be some Chinese art in her place – Strange if you ask me…
    Can I ask what you were doing in Denmark?

  5. Hey looked you up through escapades..You write superbly well…Would love to see you write more…


    Hi Bhagsi , Welcome 🙂 Thanks a lot for your kind words….will sure do

  6. Hi Rupa..Please let me know where can I find nice Chanderi/Maheshwari sarees in Hyd. Thanks

    Hey, you can try Fabindia…and also handloom house in Nampally near cheneta bhavan ..Hope it helps…

  7. Great blog Rupa…
    Loved the choice of bags and kurtas n all . Fabindia and Anokhi are my favorites too. Enjoyed reading .

    Thanks Sangeeta

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