Turn of the decade!


A decade passed….and another is on the horizon… I reiterate that I hold no fancy for dates, days and all such…but wanted to jot this down so that the thoughts take form and can be revisited…..in a way I feel this is quite a significant decade since 20’s-30’s bring about a lot of change in every person’s life or I may think so…..and the blog is my journal 🙂

I haven’t changed much as person in my beliefs, values , priorities and such but still there is a giant leap in how I react and how I handle things …….If in 2000 someone told me that I’d end up today in the present state of mind that would have been the biggest joke….yet here I am and loving myself……and whatever highs and lows have hit me am extremely happy how I’ve turned out….yes, I really am super happy about how I have ended up as a person and I can love myself…isn’t that a very beautiful space to be ? And it brings such inherent happiness that I can share the positivity around too….
I am not too full of myself…but like what I made of myself….

Life is what happens when one is busy making plans of it….and life happened quite a bit for me…. I have seen deep lows….and today thank those lows since they shaped me more…..I wouldn’t have ever dreamt that I could challenge each low and emerge out of it with a major high….yes, it did happen….and if you see the confident, so sure of what to do with life and what one wants, in front of you today I dedicate it to those lows….the grit and determination which I never ever imagined I possessed surfaced and surprised me when I hit rock bottom……and the experience I carry today gives me the strength to deal with whatever life throws…am not saying I don’t get hurt or sad…I do of course….but then there is nothing or no one who can put me down so much so that it depresses me to a level where in I blame myself…..

The biggest hurdle I crossed this decade it to stop imagining and viewing and understanding myself from somebody else’s point of view and what a lesson I have learnt……today am a free person with rights, dignity and responsibility.

I live my life…just mine…and how hard can that be. And to do that with no botheration whether people out there in the world conform to my choices or not ….it sets me free….and for me truly defines what freedom means….


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  1. That is beautiful Rupa! You are a beautiful person, both inside and out..


    And I say same to you and mean it from the bottom of my heart. Am having a super crappy day at work and this comment made me smile….grinning ear to ear now

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