Ring in,Ring out


The time of the year ……when one looks back and reminisces the past 12 months….

I am the types who isn’t very excited about the New Year…I admit it’s a nice time and new beginnings and all….glad about it but am not the one to get caught in the frenzy…I prefer staying home rather than attending new year parties…and If I do attend it’s always a small gathering with people who matter…..just as any other get-togethers which happen round the year…..with no hoopla attached…..

During school days a new year meant lots of cakes….my dad would be gifted quite a few of them and we would gorge on them for days …..And to top it they came in very fancy shapes…butterfly, bird, rabbit etc…..we didn’t engage in the cake cutting tradition for birthdays …..so I associate cakes with New year…and this was the most exciting part…..since eggless cakes in such abundance was not easy to source in Hyderabad then ….and these came from special orders with the yummiest flavors……
Apart from that it was also about the Diaries he gets gifted…..I would hoard them all ….for writing journals, doing maths, scribbling randomly….everything……I am a diary addict….bring them on 🙂

Today morning when dad came visiting he got me the new diary for 2011….and it brought back all these memories …..it felt truly special….here I was managing teams and running a house and considering all grown up and then my dad treats me as the same old little girl ;I feel special , very special….and parents are that way isn’t it ? I love it…and my dad is a man of very few words….yet the tradition of diaries continues till date (he’s never missed providing them each year) 🙂

The year that is passing by has had its hits and misses…with all those that life offered I emerged stronger, confident and elucidative about what I want…what defines me….I guess the most titillating journey is of self-introspection and this year I can proudly say that I have discovered a major part of myself…..in a way I can vouch that I am coming of age…..and I quite like that…..

I wish and hope the learning never ends ,be it any year ….the journey remains as tantalizing as ever…and I pray humbly to the almighty to administer in me the strength to experience whatever the future beholds , be it bouquets or brickbats….to remain elegant and dignified and march ahead with sophistication……

Have a Happy New year folks! See you on the other side


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  1. beautiful new year to you rupa… wishing you all the very best and a year filled with love and happiness…. i love the pic in the header… is that your collection of pillows?

    Thanks a lot Anu and wishing you the same from the bottom of my heart…No re its from Google…How I wish i had such a collection…But I do have a few of such color combo’s

  2. Rupa,
    have a wonderful new year! reading your post really made me travel thru my old memories. hmmm Cakes ,dairy decorations at school.. Rangoli on our streets ,rating them..

    I wish you all the best!


    Thanks sagari, yes those childhood memories…..so much has changed now…..happy new year to you and your family…have a great year ahead !

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