Pleased about


• A bunch of stuff I picked up from the ongoing crafts mela. Am Loving it!

• Huge mups of coffee and Kadak chai….love both of them equally…..and for me they take a new dimension in winters….

• An exciting new profile at work which is going to start from the 1st week of Jan….looking forward for the new year and that also means…I am totally workless and vela now…How awesome is that? I admit it gets boring at times but I still love it.

• Had been interviewed by a very senior manager from the US for this profile and he hired me in 10 minutes flat (though I don’t have prior exp in this domain) and its been a great conversation. He went on to say that mine had been one of the most interesting CV’s he’s come across….My smile lasted the whole weekend……

• During the discussion he asked me what would I consider my primary skill….and I said “ I love technology , people ,change equally and I believe one cannot exist without the other” ….and it came on-the-spur of the moment…not one bit designed…. and I felt like a celebrity being interviewed….But I give the credit to him ….Interviewing is an Art and I personally believe the interviewer should be as clued in as the interviewee…and yes I always prepare when I am an interviewer too since I understand it’s a huge responsibility….and its pivotal to make the interviewee comfortable.

• Random compliments totally unexpected…..of course its about shedding a few pounds….all the more nice since there aren’t any efforts in that direction….and it came from quite a few people….so liking it…

• This time of the year…..the last 6 months especially have been very crappy at work and took immense toll…I am very pleased to be back to my normal self….

• Of being back to blogging even if the posts are without a rhyme or reason……but then my blog is titled random musings…..does it still need an explanation? 🙂

• Almost after an whole year opened up the box where my wooden blocks are stored and felt super joyful…they are my treasures…now I’d really wish to print a few designs….they are all over my mind.

• A good dose of books at home …..pretty self-explanatory. 🙂

Have a great day !


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  1. Rupa..Where is the crafts mela going on? Can you tell me where to find nice mojris in Hyderabad?

    At shilparamam….there are mojri’s too

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