By the watercooler


       I have been missing in action for a while and had written this post as a come back….and since Parul is running a contest related to work spaces thought I could send this to her…dont really know if  it makes sense but hey no harm in trying atleast…..   and this post is a fact…I am the central player in it …

       Past three months professionally have been the worst ever for me…..and as it usually happens it spilled over into all other spheres of life as well….the stress slowly turned me into a person whom I myself couldn’t identify with….I hit rock bottom, became a social recluse, cried at the drop of a hat, my confidence levels eroded drastically, was hit by insomnia big time , and deep nervousness overtook me day in and out….the pressure seeped in quietly into each moment of mine and destroyed the ME in ME… soul corroded…..and my life was made miserable…..

Professionally I’m not an easy nut to crack….I am very positive and I love to work… this damage has been due to the toxic work environment I was a part of….the already complicated project totally sucked me and the team politics went up to a level where I feel these guys have to be in national politics not in board rooms…..once again proven for the nth time that people leave managers not organizations …..

I gave enough and decided it’s time to move on….I cannot trade ME for anything in the world lest alone a job…and I want my life to have a breadth of things…..and everything else was tumbling down due to this….

But I did not want it to be easy for those horrible guys….I am not the one to shy away from calling a spade a spade…So I spoke to people who are quite high up the ladder ….wanted to let them know before I move on since there are many folks going through this ordeal day in and out but who are shy, insecure or whatever to voice out… anything but that….

The meeting went really fine …they sensed, understood and related with the problem and apologized tremendously for such nastiness ….appreciated for bringing this to their notice and accepted that these are zero tolerance issues and will work their way immediately……also claimed full responsibility for this….

I was a teeny weeny bit happy and it has been a while since I felt anything such……And today morning when I came  walking towards my work station I held my head high and I smiled … I was hopeful and positive….aah…… I so love the feeling…..I like myself for not bowing down and sticking to my beliefs and emerging stronger…and can’t thank my husband enough for being there always….I don’t think I can ever put it in words , how wonderful he has been throughout and I know its not easy…….not one bit easy ….



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  1. What you went through I can totally understand. But, I am glad you came out as an even more stronger person than before.

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