What’s in my bag


     Quite a good while ago Holls and salls shared whats in their bags and passed on this meme to me…. I planned to go for it every weekend but of course did nothing about it… can’t carry the guilt anymore…. I love them both….. 🙂 so here is mine.

  I carry huge bags with hardly any stuff inside…. I love big bags….and to fill them in I always carry a largish stole…..saves me from the crazy AC ( whats with the extremes, Bah) everywhere around…..and also fattens my bag  nicely…

This is my current bag…..sorry about the  tasteless pictures……I am very bad at photography….I dont have to state that, ain’t I?

Ignore the cushion….here comes my current love….which is actually a suprise gift from the husband… ( he has finally learnt  my taste)….Isn’t it very retro ? Its made of cotton and is lined with Jute , I simply adore the scooter print…..its quirkyly ethnic and screams  ME.

 ( click on the image for better visibility)

As I said there is nothing much in my bag 😦

  • Blue and Brown wallet from Holii- Paisley or Ambi’s are my first love, I am crazy about this motif.
  • Few Essentials : comb, lipgloss from Nivea, Lipstick from maybelline, scrunchie.
  • Hand cream from Fab India : this is a must…for my super dry hands
  • A pen …
  • And of course the stole…..its made of very soft wool and cotton blend….yes, I need it ….I work in almost  freezing temperatures.

Yes, I love blue…..it shows 🙂

I usually carry a book to read and a  bottle of water too….and a pair of sunglasses ( which are now lying in the car) ….see didn’t I warn you, its quite boring….

So who is doing this tag next ? Let me a have a peek folks !


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  1. Thanks for doing this tag, Rupa! 🙂 Better late than never, is what i say! 🙂

    I love the scooter print bag too!!!! 🙂 And yes, it always makes sense to carry around a stole, you never know when you might meet a demonically cold AC!

    Oh yeah AC’s ….mine at work pushes me to reach out for a stole even in hot summers 🙂
    and this bag reminds me of that lovely bajaj ad : Hamara bajaj….oh so nostalgic

  2. hi rupa, here for the first time.

    i checked out all the people holly/sally tagged with this tag(me being one too) and i must say u got the most concise bag, with fewest stuff!!!!

    im really liking the scooty print on ur bag!!

    Thanks 🙂 I really like the Delhi posts you do 🙂 I am very enchanted by Delhi …dont know why have always been….and will sure reach out to you for recommendations when I vacation there

  3. Rupa..Can you tell me where to find nice ethnic looking handbags in Hyderabad. I know, you are the right person to ask.

    hey, sent you an email

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