July and August is the sales time….magical time….and I’ve been hoarding too….here is my loot . I haven’t shopped much from the sales though…not that I didn’t want to…but couldn’t find interesting stuff…but that never stops me  from shopping 🙂

This post is for you dearies ( holly and sally) for being so selfless in sharing your stuff and style…..every day…

Necklaces : Stone pendant from Fab, thread and wood necklaces : from Anokhi

A closer look… love them

Silver and metal from fab and Anokhi . Holls/Salls- same pinch  🙂

tunics from Fab, Anokhi. I bought a few more from Fab and soma – they are now in the wash 🙂

On sale : Reebok t-shirt ( manish arora fish fry collection )….it has very interesting sleeves….am not sure if I can ever afford Manish arora (amazing eclectic style) …till then these will give me company…. isn’t the guitar strumming Disney way too cute 🙂

A while ago I had mentioned about this shop …this stuff is from the same lady…she had an anniversary sale and I went bonkers…

Cotton and Khadi material…waiting to take shape…

Silk saree in rich hues (dont you love the colors) from the same shop….I love sarees….How often I drape them is another story…but I simply love them and hoard them….I can never let a pretty saree pass by….its an investment…..come on agree 🙂

I love attending craft fairs and exhibitions….one can get such different stuff there….this bag is from one such random exhibition…a young designer from bombay had this awesome stall….

And I fell in love with the yellow…how can one not….its so cheery and the bonus , its a reversible bag….you can use it both ways…whats not to love…

love the bag and the pretty pretty danglers which serve a purpose too ( to open and close the bag)

Oh, I love them

the other way….love the color and  print ….this print reminds me of a collection from FabIndia….

Look at the excellent finish and detailing  of  cloth and leather

While at her store I also picked up this awesome wallet and an extra dangler… If the dangler was long enough I would have worn it as a necklace…suggested this to her…..

On sale : gold  toned footwear from charles and keith

On sale : Earrings from Accessorize – I have way too many turquoise and aqua colored outfits….these add to the color collection

Wooden and Woven bangles , terracota bracelet from random crafts fairs….

So as you can see there isn’t much stuff from sales….but thats not a deterrent to shop 🙂


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  1. Whoa!!! 🙂 Nice loot, Rupa!!! 🙂 I love everything!!!!!! (Sally is also nodding along!) The reversible bag is a doll!!! What Bombay designer/store is this from?? We have to hit it and hit it good. Soon! 🙂

    Enjoy all your new goodies!

    Thanks babes 🙂 sent you an email

  2. lovely stuff!!!..july and august are the months when shopaholics like me , holly/sally go bonkers!!!..
    i bought lots of stuff too from sales and also from non sales shop, like fab and anokhi(why dont they have sales though ever????!!!)
    am really loving the yellow bag…

    Hi….welcome 🙂 I enjoy reading your space too …Anokhi has sales in delhi and Jaipur….fab never heard of any…but am sure they should have some for loyalists like us

  3. Hey Rupa,

    You have a nice blog dearie. Just wanted to let you know that I have sent you an email. Sorry for the delay.

    Have a great day ahead. Hope I hear from you soon.



    Hey Shiva, thanks 🙂

    Thats very sweet of you….will get back to you soon….

  4. Dear Rupa,

    Now that I am going through your blog I am hooked. Wow, you have such a pretty collection, your khadi and cotton suits just made me want to wear them. I miss such stuff here.



    great that you love khadi and cotton too…aren’t they so very elegant

  5. I love love love your yellow bag! how cool is it to have a 2-way bag, eh? And isn’t the jewellery at Fabindia slightly expensive?

    Hi, Chinkurli…welcome to my space…I adore the bag too…its instant love….yes the jewellery is slightly expensive but we dont get much silver in Hyderabad..hence very few options…. and I like what Fab makes….

  6. Just chanced upon your blog! Loved your handamde selections. Do the goutami folks have a permanent place in Hyd/ Secd’?

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