Current mood : Cheerless,annoyed and upset….


No no , its got nothing to do with life as such…
Since morning I am eagerly waiting for the day to end…at least the work day to end…..and then get home and cry/sulk in isolation.
I’d been having around 9 sets of unstitched  Salwar suits since a long time…well, I’m quite lazy when it comes to getting them stitched…I do not bother taking them to the tailor till a good number of them have packed up. Then I take them all one fine day and get them done.Thats how it has been since years……since I always had a decent enough
tailor to bank upon….
A couple of weeks ago, it was time to make that trip to the tailor and it was
appropriate timing too since soon I would be joining a new organization in a week. So I was all too excited about having new clothes to wear to the new workplace…a very girly thingie……
But when I finally went to the tailor his shop was shut down…I felt terribly upset since I had been associated with him since the past 10+ years and had no idea of any other tailor…
The neighboring shop guy all concerned told me that the landlord of the shop ran into some legal problems and had to get shut the shop, hence my tailor had to vacate it immediately….
All I could do is to call up the tailor and meet up somewhere another day and get my stuff done…but then I was not motivated enough to do that…hence, I took one of the most doltish decisions…
Went to a new tailor who was quite expensive and had quite a reputation of being good and all that…and like a real moron gave away all my 9 precious,adored, lovingly picked suits to
him…today when I recall my actions I feel like kicking my own butt….
and the outcome is 9 terribly ill-stitched, ill fitting, shapeless dresses…I tried and tried them again and got alterations done…but the end product still sucks big time…If you are a woman  reading this you can so relate to this…
Today I wore one of them, hated it, but in the morning with S around at home it didn’t seem that bad.
As soon as I entered office my colleagues(women, its always them. Do men notice such things?  gotta ask S) remarked on it…one of them also pronounced that I look much much older in this  dress and its more like grandmother’s type…at that moment I wished the ground beneath me
opened and gobbled me up….I wanted to flee and get home and erase that day….well, no hopes…
So all I am doing is staying put at my desk…discomposed..not venturing out much from my space …waiting
for the day to end…It feels as if I am dressed in a rug sack….ok, that doesn’t mean I go to work everyday wearing glamorous filmi type clothes…but I always wear well fitting and smart cotton clothes which make me self-confident….you got the drift…
And am deeply mourning the brutal murders…of my new clothes…and started working emotionally on the possible contingencies. I think I will call up my old tailor and request him to set them straight as much as possible….that means shelling out more moolah…considering
the obnoxious amount I already spent to get them stitched in the first place it makes me cringe….
But Do I have an option???? I have myself to blame for this fiasco…
What to do you all do in such situations? Want to hear out…maybe it will make me feel a bit better…


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  1. I don’t think I’m going to be helpful here, because I’m going to blame you happily. Since it was a new tailor you should have given only 1 set as a trial, if you liked his work you should have given the rest.

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