Bombay Burns


Those horrendous explosions ….bloodshed….why does this have to happen….again and again…..I know millions of such questions are haunting all of us…questions for which there will be no answers ever….the agony, anger,sorrow,hurt,helplessness millions of us have been going through…perhaps these words are too mild to explain the sickness in my stomach… heart aches and cries every minute….and I can never even imagine what the families and friends of the victims are going through…
Usually when we state “I can understand how it must be” we try putting ourselves into the shoes of the concerned person…but in such circumstances I bet none of us can even think about it….it sends shivers down my spine…I feel terrible that all I can do is pray…just pray so that their souls rest in peace…
As a child I often questioned my dad ‘Why do we have the armed forces and why we spend so much money on them?’ And he always answered me saying, its because of them we have such safe and comfortable lives…and today they proved it yet again….all of them who fought this ghastly terror….I bow my head in respect and gratitude to all the unsung and real heroes who protect us…who are the true warriors…I salute them all….we owe our everything to them….
My heart is burning….am torn apart and agitated by the attitude of our leaders…its a disgrace to address them as leaders…they are insensitive and bloodless cowards…how else can one explain the ‘Terror tourism’ the chief minister undertook…How can he walk in to survey the damage with his family and friends? Is it a wedding reception or a picnic that he is attending? I bet he had no concern for the people and he just proved it…whats the necessity to bring Ramgopal Varma along….am sure he will make his next movie based on these killings and he will cast the CM’s son in it….This is what the CM ultimately wants….to benefit personally from everything possible ….what if its an gruesome terror attack…he and his family is safe and thats what matters….how sick? Death has no dignity …they make business out of it too.
And I shall never be able to come to terms with the Deputy CM’s statements…..”Bade bade shehron mein aisi chotein baatein hoti rahti hain” , chotein baatein..WTF..hundreds of innocent people lost their lives, goddammit is it a chotein baat….some bloody terrorists walk into our country and carry on mass killings and char people to death in broad daylight….is it a chotein baat…….thousands of people lost their loved ones and their lives will never remain the same forever….the grief that engulfs them….is it a chotein baat….
How about somebody in the CM”s/deputy CM’s family getting killed…am sure it will not be a
chotein baat for them…..How can someone be so inhumane….so downright disgusting….We are ruled by such so called office bearers…..In the aftermath of such devastating violence and excruciating pain when this is their reaction, I dont find anything remotely shocking in such horrific terror attacks…..If we as citizens of India are expecting the Government to take charge and do something about this situation, then let me tell you we are expecting the moon here….

P.S: We still technically have a President, isn’t it? Where is she hibernating? Madam President seems to be high on Alzheimer’s and has completely forgotten that she is an Indian and that too the first citizen of India,and the supreme commander of the armed forces…We all know she is worth no salt…but the
least (oh sorry the most she can do)she could do is make an appearance…well again maybe I am expecting the moon here….


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