Two years and still going strong


This blog was born on a rather dull and boring day at office. For as long as I remember I had been writing…basically a journal of sorts at total random…..I always loved reading and writing and they never failed in , giving me a high ….its therapeutic for me .

When I started this blog there wasn’t an iota of idea about what I would scribble here… it was just one of those pointless things I did to relieve my ennui ….and I today noticed that its been over 2 years …. Never once I designed that it will come this long…. Since I still prefer writing on paper rather than typing the keyboard….. and words roll down effortlessly when they are on a paper rather than the blog…..but am sort of weird that way. I still prefer

1) writing letters to people rather than e-mail…. Its warm isn’t it?

2) fountain pen over the ball point pen….Its exotic isn’t it ?

OK, am digressing too much now. Well, the border line is this space is over two years old now and I couldn’t have raised it this long without your warmth and support. I would like to thank each one of my readers who spent their precious time reading my ruminations …..its been a delight till date and am sure the journey forward shall be gratifying as always.


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  1. Many many happy returns of the day! I like stopping by here wondering if the move is over, how are things with your gym etc. It is interesting how people on two sides of the globes can get connected via the blogosphere! Keep this going..!

  2. Happ second Anniversary !! Man …I know exactly what you mean. I cant b elieve I lasted so long on the blogging scene and its only been 9 months or so ….

    I totally agree, nothing beats the happy feeling one gets when you receive a letter. May be I should write one or two every now and then….

  3. Congrats Rupa! 2 years is indeed a milestone. Our blog is just in its 2nd month, and we sure have a long way to go. πŸ™‚

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