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I have been married for over an year now. S and I lived in another town for a while and are now back to Apna Hyderabad. We currently live with S’s parents. Don’t know where the future will take us. Ok, now why am I giving these mindless details ? That means since the past one year + , I do not live with my parents.But till date when I think,talk about “my house” its always my parents house…And am sure it will always remain to be…..Does this happen  with most of  the married women ?

It has nothing to do with where and whom I live with now…..I love my new family….and I now have 2 homes. Feels great.But when I think/talk about ‘my house ‘ its always my parents place. Thats the one which strikes instinctively. It isn’t even an issue in the first place then why do I sometimes ruminate at length about it ?


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  1. I truly agree with you Rupa. It’s been 5 years now that I’m married, but I refer my mother’s place as “Ma intla” sometimes while speaking with my mother in law.

    Earlier girls where married even before they attained puberty, they did’nt have quality time like we had/have with our parents, so I guess that generation was able to think that their husband’s place was their place. Nowadays women are getting married at 25, atleast that’s the average. How can we easily forget the life we spent for 20+ years?

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