I don’t know why I titled this post  Happenings, since I feel its more of a rant  rather than an occurrence, maybe because there isn’t anything worthwhile happening. Ok, I know am talking crap now……lets move on…..

The most exciting incident of the previous week was a weekend getaway trip to Kurnool. S (my husband), I and a couple of our friends drove to this small town for a break……most of  the trip was spent in the car driving back and forth. But still it was an enjoyable trip. We didn’t do much of sight-seeing, couldn’t cover what we even planned but on the whole its quite a memorable expedition. Its been a really long time since we ventured out on one and we are all glad we did. We did the usual things like incessant chatting, pulling each other ‘s legs, playing silly and crazy music etc, and everything at total random. What I liked about the trip particularly is its out and out dynamism. We just did what occurred to us at that moment. Like say,  stopping the car in the middle of a road and clicking pictures, strolling in sunflower farms and more picture clicking, eating whenever we want, playing cards till late night………

I guess life slowly brings in a lot of monotonicity as we grow ( when we were kids we were always busy, hehehe, isn’t it? ) and this trip proved to be a spontaneous unplanned adventure  for all of us and it was further seasoned  with the delightful company of friends ….It broke the routine and we all came back refreshed and distressed……and am sure  all of us need these kind of short retreats once in a while. Ain’t it?  Well, I certainly do 🙂


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