Kind of Back !


What does the title indicate? Well, I really don’t know. Its been quite a while since am off blogging land. The short break took quite long. We moved to Hyderabad smoothly and then life gifted chaos…..My uncle (dad’s brother) all of 53 was detected with cancer of the brain …. and he succumbed to it soon after….it was traumatic… shocked and scared me and as if this wasn’t enough my younger brother met with a nearly fatal accident just 15 days after this jolt. I couldn’t bear to see my parents going through all this. My brother is fine now , the surgery went on well and he is recuperating…..but past few months have been terrible….zapped me off totally….life is getting to normalcy now… husband’s unconditional support giving  me strength all through the way……

I am back now. Thanks a ton for all you wonderful guys who checked on me and dropped by to figure out what am upto……It feels really nice…..its a booster…..


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  1. Hi Rupa. Sorry to hear about your uncle and also what happened to your brother. But am glad to hear that life is returning to normal now 🙂 . Take each day lightly and try to relax….. You’ll be feeling a lot more better soon.

  2. Wondered where you were! Sorry to hear about the family issues. It is always hard losing a loved family member. Glad your brother is doing better. Looking forward to reading your posts again.

  3. Glad to see you back Rupa. I did drop by a couple of times and was wondering what happened to you. It’s good that everything is back to normal again.

  4. Hi
    this is my first time here
    you have a lovely space…
    Sorry to hear about the family issues….
    Happy blogging!!
    jus popped in to say a hi

  5. I too checked your blog many times. Sad to hear about the turn of events.Hope it all comes back to normalcy soon..sounds like it is the start of that..hang in there!

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your warmth. Its getting better

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