4 posts in a day ! Its beens eons since I’ve come close to something like this…..I like it…the relaxing and soothing feeling  that writing brings to me…..I am lighter and happier….Have a happy weekend ! catch you all next week…..Cheers !


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  1. Rupa-

    good for you for 4 posts on one day. I picked up The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi from the library (am half way through reading it)and noticed that you’ve read it.

    Thanks 🙂 Its a good read especially since am from Hyderabad I could relate to it a lot. Hope you Enjoy it

  2. and why did that 4 posts a day stop yu fromposting moe?;)

    Oops, 🙂 am moving from a city to another one…so will be on a short break…thanks for visiting

  3. Now I have to catch up with all your posts. My last read here was the photos of the market. Let me read them all one by one.

    Sure, Madhu and let me know your views too 🙂

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