Vizag stories


                As days roll by we are left with a week to go in Vizag….The impending move is coming closer….we will be packing our bags and be in Hyderabad by the 2nd week of June….and are eagerly looking forward for it…Its just close to 6 months here for me…S lived a little longer though…I joined him after our wedding…..
            Everytime I moved away from a city or place that I lived something from the city always comes with me and stays with me forever….its always a learning experience….there are positives and negatives…but I feel every city has its own charm and character… before we move on….we’d sure miss…..

# Vyayaam (Aerobics studio) the first and foremost….we had an awesome time working out and made a bunch of great friends also including the trainer/owner…..

# The beaches ( obviously) – its home to the longest coastline in India…long streches of virgin beaches…where we spent many many evenings just whiling away time..

# The breathtaking view of coconut, mango and banana trees from our windows and balconies which are gently dancing and sometimes rapidly swaying to the breeze.

# I’d sure miss Prapancha– my favorite store here which is owned be our dear friend A.

# Freshmade yoghurt from Visakha Dairy which is available at every nook and corner…

# Easy mobility : everything is just within a 5km radius and with a non-existent traffic problem its quite easy to zip through.

# Our first own home setup after marriage.

# The luxury of having a dhobi who comes home and does laundry every alternate day..

# The farmer’s market (rhythu bazaar) which is at a  stone’s throw distance from our home…

# The innumerable tendercoconut vendors….


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  1. HI,
    How is vizag? Love to hear more about it. I miss Vizag and you reminded in detail about lot of places. Hope you will like the place.
    Keep it up.

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