Unpleasant Puffery


Had you been watching advertisements in television offlate you will rightaway relate to this….

     Men’s grooming products are the new fancy these days…there are quite a many ads in the TV about  men’s deo’s, fairness creams (????), innergarments,perfumes,aftershaves etc
      But all these ads look similar and project the same concept…if you use their product women will immediately and magically go to bed with you…yeah, thats as disgusting as it gets…
    There is serious dearth of creativity and originality in the concepts…and they are all downright lousy and cheap…show both men and women in poor light…
     Come on, dont these huge organisations realise this …..they churn out massive wampum to big ad-houses to sire such third-rate advertisements….  Which man worth his salt would use deo’s, perfumes, mobiles,clothes only so that he can bring women to bed…or which women worth her salt would bed a man just for these…..even more gross are the inner wear and fairness cream ads….inner garments have a purpose..one doesn’t wear them (usually) to impress women…well, I haven’t met any of such types till date……and if they are targeting teenagers….teenagers today are much smarter and sharp-witted to fall for such fallacies….
          And coming to fairness creams its a story in itself……the ads ( 4-5 major brands but same concept) show a dull and tired looking guy who has very low self-confidence (in talking to girls and the girls avoid him and mock at him because of his skin color) and then is introduced to this wonderful magic potion (sometimes endorsed by the (“badshaah-shahrukh Khan“) which instantly transforms him into a fair, bright and confident guy where all the girls around are dying to get his attention……but wait, from all my mills and boon readups (teenage years) men were always tall, dark and handsome…so when did the equation change to ” Fair = Handsome and smart”……..
    Phew, when will we outgrow our love for white skin…..its high-time we move on from a white loving nation to a people loving nation…life will be much better for all of us…..


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  1. Your para re men and fairness cream really concerns me. When I was living in Malaysia, I used to see these type of advertisements (targeting women) when an Indian program was on TV, and it used to irk me because I used to always wonder “what’s wrong with our Indian skin?” But, as I grew up, I realised that ‘fair skin’ was an obsession with our culture. I never got used to this concept (thankfully) and even now, whenever I come across it, it really, really annoys me. And now to hear that even men are roped into this un-serving ‘thought-concept’ really upsets me….

    True, Spillay…I too could never come to terms with this…first women and now men……and had never heard any story where a woman/man ever got fairer (using these)……its sickening…why should we aspire for something we weren’t born with………Brown is beautiful…

  2. Totally agree with you Rupa. Yet another thing I cannot agree is the way college life is portrayed in Indian cinema. Students mocking the professors, not respecting the principal, hero making fun of the heroine, who is also a student and all other sorts of unimaginable crazy acts, the dress the girl students wear. I really wonder to which college these directors went? The college scenes they show in the pictures is no way close to the reality. I know few co-ed colleges in Chennai, which has a strict code of conduct and dress code. I don’t when this will change too?

    Oh yeah, College life is yet another thing…and I totally agree on the dresses and stuff…nobody I’ve ever seen wears such crazy stuff to college and I studied in one of the heppest one in Hyderabad ( supposed to be 🙂 ) and in Tamilnadu its way too strict. I also studied in coimbatore and I know how it is…I wonder why they depict scenes on screen which is way too far away from reality …. I didn’t like KuchKuchhota hai for that…..that movie is a bit too much…

  3. ha ha..my thought exactly…but you know i think it is high time these dudes get a dose of their medicine..the obsession with fair skin is just nuts!!

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