Coffee in the Rain


            Its summer time In India….that translates to sweltering and scorching days….meanwhile yesterday evening Varun paid an impromptu yet pleasant visit… I love it when he drops by unplanned and on the spur of the moment…Jingalala !
       So we quickly dashed off to Coffee day…for a steaming cuppa…I cozyly sipped my Grandlatte while he was pitter-pattering……sheer delight…these little but hugely gratifying moments are what I yearn for ….bring me immense joy….and maketh my life…..

* Varun is the rain god  🙂


3 responses »

  1. I love the rain too 🙂 BTW, did you take that photo? I love that too…. very classic. 🙂

    Nope, Spillay…the picture was from google…I loved it too….

  2. i love this picture. It gives me some feelings. Wonder who is that woman…is it early in the morning…just love it

    Its from google….I too simply loved it

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