Happy ….


As I had already put in papers, the tension at work has eased ….resulting , I have a good chunk of free time which I am dutifully spending reading blogs 🙂 …Just randomly today I started browsing my pictures..looked at all the pics from my previous workplace where we usually had a ball …it felt so refreshing…I feel so good now…..Happy team mates, friends, dayouts…..nothing can bring such immense pleasure as old (ok,not so old) happy pictures….am loving it 🙂


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  1. Hello,

    first time visitor here….good to know that ur work stress is over. I too enjoy looking at old school, college day pics and remnisicing about those times.

    Welcome 🙂 , oh yeah old pics make one nostalgic

  2. Ha! Ha! Isn’t it wonderful,…. looking back at the good ‘ol times through photos…

    I also know what you mean about work tension and its miraculous disappearance once the resignation is handed in. Enjoy the stress-free life…. it is definitely worth it 🙂

    Sure amazing….and loving this relaxed time….it is indeed miraculous 🙂

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