HYC ( Kgs Vs Inches)


I had mentioned earlier in my blog how the scale always loathes me……
Just when I feel good, get complimented that I dropped some weight it plays the ugly game yet again…..

   I weighed 69 kgs when I started exercising in January….and lost a couple of kilo’s after a couple of weeks(67 kgs)….felt great……then I stopped bothering about the numbers for a couple of reasons….one, I didn’t want my motivation and mood to be driven by the scale and also because I couldn’t find a decent one to step on…the one at the fitness centre broke and after that I stopped bothering…and it was  decided earlier on that we will not have one at home…that would be way too stressful….
   Ocassionally I tried stepping on the public ones, at supermarkets, theatres etc….and never fussed about them since each one had different numbers and the results varied drastically…and as time passed…I stuck to exercising and eating healthy…..gave the scale a total miss….
   Since a couple of weeks, my trainer and a couple of people whom I exercise with have been complimenting about a leaner and toned me…My husband S is always the first one to appreciate it…but for him I am always slim…phew, loves makes one blind…proved 🙂
   I was more than excited about these positives observations and decided its time to measure up…we also have a new scale at the studio now…and I hoofed excitedly…..
   And what happened is still beyond my understanding….the number read 75 kgs…I just couldn’t believe my eyes…I asked my trainer friend to measure me in inches ( she always advocates this way of measuring rather than the scale)….and I had lost 3 inches each around my waist and hips(my clothes also defend this)…also a few more at other areas..but the waist and hips recordest the highest…
   I am extremely happy about the inches loss….but why on earth does the scale show a raise….if its muscle, does the muscle weigh so high…and the scale functions good…I checked that too…..I had been feeling terrible since then….do you guys have any such experience…what could be the reason buddies?
   When I lost inches, look slimmer and fitter, how could I weigh 8 kgs more? Isn’t it unreasonable? How do I decipher this ?


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  1. My weight has gone up a number of times on my fitness journey. I’m no longer calling it a weight loss journey since I’m not losing much in the way of pounds (kilograms). I’m losing inches. I can see in it the clothes that I wore last year. They are so huge that I had to throw most of the them out.

    Muscle does weigh a lot. According to my records at Physics Diet. I started there March 9th that my fat mass has gone down by 7.3 pounds. My fat free mass has gone up 5.5 pounds. That’s how my clothes are fitting better.

    I wrote on my blog about glycogen stores and plateaus. I hope this helps.

    Am feeling better, thanks Lillian

  2. This is good advice. I’m always too quick to obsess over every single pound that I can’t even see the progress that I’m making with fitness and being healthy and fit.

    BTW – thank you for your words of encouragement. I needed them.

    Happy Health!

    Welcome, Shorts and stilettos….I identify with the obsession…but now I enjoy the after feeling of a workout and being healthy…..am going easy with the numbers…it feels great…trust me…Enjoy the journey 🙂

  3. Muscle does weigh more than fat, but 8 kilos is a lot…I’m thinking it’s a combination of your previous scale being off, gaining muscle (a very good thing!) and perhaps some water retention.

    Focus on the positive-the inches are the most important!

    Thank you…will work on that…have a great day !

  4. If possible, always try to use the same scale to measure. (I am always suprised at how different I way on a single day,.. on different scales! Yes – there can be a BIG difference from one scale to the next!).

    But more importantly,.. it sounds like you have definitely lost fat-weight and gained muscle-weight. This is a good thing!! As long as you are exercising and eating well,… don’t worry too much about what the scales are telling you.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Thanks Spillay…for the advice and information…I stopped bothering with the scale now…just exercising and eating right …thats it…the scale botheration gets taxing…

  5. Just as spillay said, use the same scale to measure – there are calibration differences between scales (I can never understand why or how – I would think a pound is a pound in any scale, but apparently not!). Also, record your weight at roughly the same time everyday – there can be weight variations through the day, you normally weight a less in the morning after your morning routine (and before breakfast) and weigh a little more later in the day. Finally, as someone else had mentioned, muscle usually weigh more than fat but burns more calorie than fat as well – so it is good to stock up on muscle mass than fat mass, which is another thing that you might be doing.

    Also, as your fitness trainer to find out your body fat % and work on reducing that – Body fat % is a much better indicator of your fitness (and health) level than BMI or even your weight.

    You go, girl!

    thats awesome information, Thanks A-Kay 🙂

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