Moving on…


Its official now! We will be leaving Vishakapatnam and will be back in Hyderabad by the 2nd week of June. We had put in the papers and are eagerly waiting to get out of this shitty work place. Yeah, you read it right….we hate this organisation…  stressed us out like no end and treats employees like daily labour, infact worser than that…they have no understanding for the word “respect”…everything suffered …and finally its taking toll on our relationship too…..Though moving on has been on the cards for quite a while…it happened now..and am glad it did…we eagerly look forward to new opportunities and relaxed days….


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  1. Good for you Rupa. I was wondering why you were not posting anymore. Glad you are looking forward to less stressful times!

    hey, Laksh….will be more into writing now…was totally off the radar for a long while due to work botherations…..hated being away…and missed blogging..

  2. I knew work had you very busy and stressed, I didn’t realize there was a move on the cards too. I’m very glad to see you posting and I hope this will be a good thing for you and your husband. Relationships are delicate enough to balance without work adding to the stress.

    The move was planned because of the workplace…since we aren’t liking it here, we decided to get back to our hometown and look out for fresh opportunities…we are in this town currently only because of our job..and there aren’t many exciting offers here to hang on..

  3. Hey thats great…good for you! Hyderabad is the most awesome city on the planet 🙂

    I agree…and am excited about returning home…I just love Hyderabad 🙂

  4. Good for you Rupa. I kept coming back to see if you had posted anything new and saw nothing new. Then I got busy with my work and good to see that you have written so many posts. All the best for the new job and congrats.

    Thanks for visiting madhu, I was away from it for quite a while…will try to be more that I have good amount of time too 🙂 ..

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