I’m bestowed again ……. :)


Past few weeks have been so stressful that to christen them nerve-wracking would be an under statement.
I had been sick more than a couple of times and S had was bitten by a crazy bug in his eye and was terribly ill sending shivers down my spine. Soaring temperatures and tightening situations at work didn’t help much either. We are feeling better now and I was in no mood today to come to work….the viral fever zapped all my energy and I feel irritated and burnt…
   I slowly dragged myself to work today after much cajoling from S. Disinterested I switched on my computer and was ecstastic to find Madhu of Eggless cooking honor me with an award….
   Madhu, you really made my day and also the week…I feel much much better now and am delighted that you thought of me for this….this is a total surprise and a very sweet one and will be cherished….I simply adore your blog….

And as the tradition, I pass on this to

Archana of Rang

Hanlie of Fertile healthy

Diana of scalejunkie

    Dear Hanlie has awarded my blog with an ” Good chat Blog award” and am thrilled to bits about it….Thank you Hanlie….the blog was always a vent out for my musings….am fired up to know that you feel its a good chat blog…your thought in itself is an award for me…..am delirious now 🙂

And this goes to

laksh of Musings

Madhu of  EgglessCooking 

Anu of Escapades

Sailu of  sailu’skitchen

Susan of Fatfreevegan

  While I started blogging I never imagined that the journey would be so fulfilling and gratifying. Thank you one and all who visit my space and spend your valuable time reading my rants….YOU ALL TRULY MAKE MY DAY/S…


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  1. Congrats on your awards Rupa. I really missed your musings. I was wondering what happened to you. Now I know the reason. Hope you and your hubby are feeling well. Take care and keep blogging.

    thanks, Madhu ….I feel honored when you say that you missed my scramblings….never thought what I wrote made any sense..you are a sweetheart…and we are feeling better day by day…have a nice day 🙂

  2. I hope you and S are absolutely fine now. I can understand how you feel.

    Thank you so much for thinking about me, your good thoughts and the award. Appreciate it, Rupa.:)

    Its just a few weeks before you are back in Hyd. All the best and take care:)

    We are getting better Sailu,thank you. One look at your blog and I am stuck with it…awesome…..very inspiring….we are eagerly waiting for the move too …..

  3. Dearest girl!!…..am happy that you will be here in a couple of weeks…..and i hope this will bring you most of what you are looking for!! and babe…..you are spoiling me silly with all these awards….am honored and thank you for thinking of me!! love and hugs….

    Hey Anu, we are very eager to get back soon….you totally totally deserve all these awards…I love reading your posts…every recipe comes with a story…wow, anu….you are so good at it….
    Love from Rupa 🙂

  4. Thank you very much!! This is such a sweet bonus 🙂 Hope you and hubby feel better soon. Take care.

    My pleasure. We are getting better Laksh, Thank you 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for mine. You’ve really made my day! I was just telling Ken yesterday that sometimes I don’t know why I blog…today I remember why, its because I’ve met so many wonderful people like you. Thank you so much!

    Thanks, Diana….your blog and the way you write is an inspiration ….and am sure many others will nod in agreement with this….you totally deserve this…have a super day 🙂

  6. You are such a sweetheart! Thank you very much! You have certainly made my day…

    Thanks Hanlie, anytime for you dear…. 🙂

  7. Thanks Rupa:-)
    That is really sweet. Sorry haven’t been very active on the blogging front…will try and get back soon;-)

    Welcme, Arch 🙂 waiting for your posts

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