Sight for sore eyes


      There is something tantalizing about fresh produce and markets….Whichever part of the world I lived in they always excited and psyched me up. I always looked forward to the summer farmer’s markets  in Europe…and back home too a trip to one of these never fails to thrill me…and fresh produce is my favorite section in the supermarkets too 🙂
     A couple of weeks ago,my mom-in-law wanted to visit the Monda market in secunderbad to stock up on fruits and vegetables…and S and I tagged along despite the scorching heat…Till a few years ago my mom also was a regular here….though we lived very faraway she always shopped here alone and brought back everything single handedly…it  emotionally engulfs me….when I think of it…
     While we were taking in the visual delights…S and I clicked a few random pictures ..of course what we covered is just a minute part of the produce….





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  1. I love produce stands. I wish there were more of them where I live. I understand why there are so few. There is only a 6 month growing season here. It makes it hard to make a living selling local produce.

    Its tough for the farmers with only half an year growing season

  2. I enjoy visiting the farmers markets, even the weekly fairs (santa) in places like Araku. Coriander is my favorite too.:)

    Its been a really long time since I ever visited a “santa”…all we get to see is a rythubazar at the max.

  3. Oh yes, I love markets! And they do them so well in Europe… Great pictures! Do you also call coriander dhania?

    Yeah , its “Dhania” in Hindi…wow, how do you know that 🙂

  4. They look so refreshing. Miss the mixture of fresh smell in Indian markets. Lovely pictures, especially the betel leaves picture is too good.

    thanks, Madhu….. oh yeah I missed them a lot too while I was abroad

  5. Hi Rupa,

    I forgot to mention this earlier. There is a photo contest happening in the food blogosphere, called Click. If you are not aware of it, this month’s theme is food in it’s natural state. You can choose the best in the above pictures and send it to the event. Follow this link for further info.

    Thanks a ton for letting me know…but I missed the deadline :(…but the event is aweome.

  6. Hi Rupa, pics are really good and by mentioning u’r mom ; you made me emotional(as the same with my mom too). She used to go to badi-chowdi mandi and get the fressshhh veggies…

    Hmm good old pre-wedding days 🙂

    Thanks Swapna 🙂 …yeah pre-wedding days had their own charm

  7. I miss the markets in London, we have markets in some cities here but not near where I live unfortunately. I hope all is well with you.
    Thanks for asking Diana, am doing fine….but am quite irregular with writing these days..hence the absence….where I live supermarkets are a rarity and a relatively new concept whereas markets are the norm 🙂

  8. It all looks so yummy! Hope you are having a great day!


    Am doing good, Felicia… 🙂 yeah they do look inviting

  9. You shall visit these markets more often now, as we are moving back to Hyd…(lol…)

    By all means.. nice post!

    🙂 glad to see you back here

  10. Great photos…I’ve never see baby cabbages before! Haven’t been to your blog in a while…looks like I will have to catch up on a few entries!

    Hey, my first with the cabbages too 🙂

  11. Hi. Got here from Madhuram’s. You’ve got a great blog site!

    I love this post- I feel the same way whenever I go to the “fresh food” section of a supermarket or walk through a Fruit & Veg shop. The smell and sight can instantly inspire me!! I am also very jealous at seeing that HUGE bunch of coriander – I can only imagine the heavenly scent that the passer-bys must be enjoying….MMmm…

    Will be back 🙂

    Thanks, Spillay….and same to you…I love reading your posts …and about the coriander…you got it was mmmmmm….

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