Crowning glory


Its been a while since I visited a hairdresser….I was regrowing my hair after a bad haircut…and was also on the lookout for a good hairdresser…..and I found an excellent one today….she is highly recommended by my friends at the aerobics studio too……
       And voila, I’ve got a great cut…this time I wanted to experiment….And she did prove it…..  After a good 45 mins she transformed me….from the shabana azmi of the 80’s ( thats how I had been looking offlate) to a very stylish uber cool woman….I am simply loving it !
      Apart from this, I got loads of advise on styling and setting techniques that can be carried out easily at home….
I still have all the shit load of work to do at office….but I’m excited and delighted…and can’t wait to go home….to admire myself…. 🙂


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  1. Great 🙂
    There is something about getting groomed up. Specially for women. Why don’t u put a ‘before-after’ picture

    Coming soon …..

  2. Good for you Rupa. I also want to change my hair style for long time now, but not yet ready to take that risk.

    Hey, do it…new look is always lots of fun..:) ….but find a good hairdresser

  3. You look awesome any day for me & cut the crap regarding Shabana Azmi.. and stuff… paleezzz don’t even compare … You are awesome any day…

    🙂 🙂 🙂 am blushing

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