Why couldn’t I blog?


Well, I did write a few weeks ago about the hectic schedules at work. Last 2 weeks it hit an all-time high ….and left me terribly frustrated…..
     We had the CEO visiting us with a bunch of clients from the US…and preparations and presentations added up to the daily work which was already abundant….I know its a part of my job and have nothing against it…but what bothers me is the faking attached to it…I truly understand that we need to come up with our best …afterall clients are the ones who approve the much needed moolah…but I absolutely hate it when presentations become so unreal that they end up being gross lies.
     I lead a project here and hence was in a meeting with them for a couple of hours…and it sucked big time…chimerical and dishonest was the theme…..and I loathed being a part of it…though I have attended such meetings in my previous jobs….this was way too cheesy and devious…..and I eagerly waited for it to come to an end. I always enjoyed my work and loved my earlier employers ….but at this organization its been a bumpyride…..I have to wait and watch how long will I tick here…..


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