Where is the “King”?


     its summertime….the sun is blazing with passion … but where are my  goodies, ‘Mangoes’…….which make indian summer a wonderful treat…Its April  and I dont see any of them around…….I miss you ……waiting for a rendezvous…stop playing this hide and seek ……..not fair …… after all I love you all the time……


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  1. I’ve heard that the unexpected pre-summer rains that we had are really bad for the mango crop…The poor mango-farmers must’ve suffered huge losses 😦

    Oh, I feel so sorry for them… I guess another aftermath of Global warming 😦

  2. I just can’t wait for the citrus season to start! Hope you find some mangoes soon!

    Oh me too wishing the same Hanlie… I can imagine for you it will be more juice and also varieties of juice 🙂

  3. I miss the Banganapalli mangoes so much. Just thinking of them makes my mouth water. I’m not a big fan of the variety we get here in the US.

    I used to miss them abroad too, but we had a pakistani shop closeby which sold yummy yummy mangoes..some of the best i’ve ever had….Mangoes are a real treat


    Hey, am back, was on a vacation….will be back to blogging shortly…nice to see your comment here… 🙂

  5. Oh… I so love mangoes and miss it terribly in the US. Pakistani store you say – will need to hunt for one here.

    Do try it out…I could get them in scandinavia (where I lived), am sure in the US too they would have found their way

  6. Juice shops in bangalore have started selling mango milk shakes full fledged….

    Oh, how lucky…they haven’t arrived here yet….

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