Mad and Dismayed


     I usually am a peaceful and untroubled soul…but a few issues/behaviors will always leave me chafed and aggravated. One of them is any kind or form of disrespect towards women. Today at work I over heard a conversation ( I didn’t intend to) , but the guy (who sits in the same bay as me) was so loud on his telephone that everyone around had to  pay heed. He was talking to his friend A about their friend B’s impending wedding. This friend B, apparently, is engaged and its an arranged love marriage ( what on earth does that mean, Phew) . Mr.B calls my colleague and asks him to “enquire” about his fiancee…and this dopey colleague of mine is discoursing it at the top of his voice to his friend A, about how he is doing a favor for his dear friend…and remarks, after all “Friends should help friends”….and just after he said this I wanted to turn around and spank him and give him a piece of my mind….but more than that I wanted to whack his friend A who is a real ******* …….  WTF does this guy think….he is engaged to this girl and is in love (I’d wish to know what he means by love) with her and wants to enquire her….such an immoral and characterless brute he is….I’d wish the girl dumps him royally…..he badly needs to be shut up and given his attitude, he is not worthy of any girl. Another occurance which re-establishes the fact that education doesn’t build character and values…..


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  1. But … women do the same … and its good to knwo the true face of people before you actually get married to them … the poor guy is just searching for truth.

    What is love when there is no trust….i’d agree with you if it was an arranged marriage

  2. You are right that education doesn’t neccessarily make character. It is your upbringing and your social circle which shape it.

  3. Not the best of comments on this post! I think the men in general should have had this conversation more discretely. Your co-worker was not too smart in sharing this info with everyone. But then I also think that in an arranged marriage, one of the bylaws is that you are guaranteed a suitable match, right? And that both families do in-depth background checks (through friends and family) on the couple. That is what was apparently going on. I’ve always understood that to be the protocol. If I agreed to an arranged marriage, that would be the first thing I would do, infatuation aside. Its too easy to be naive, but then you have the possibility of getting royally screwed.

    I’d agree with you but this was a love arranged marriage ?, they were in love and finally getting married and I really missed the trust factor in this relationship…

  4. Hi Rupa,

    Your last sentence prompted me to write this. A long time ago, I read what Swami Vivekananda said about education – ” Education is the manifestation of divinitiy which is within man”.
    Education, I think is often misused with ‘Schooling’ which only enables us to get a good degree and gives us opportunity to think and equips us to ‘Educate’ ourselves in the real sense of the word. Self-Development happens long after we graduate!

    I agree to the T , thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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