I Indulge in….


Where did I vanish?
Well, I haven’t been doing anything exciting other than mundane chores one is expected to do…and work has been very hectic off late and I was not really in a mood to blog…..hence the absence….though I was reading all your wonderful blogs and satiating my hunger…there are very few things which give a high, higher compared to reading a well written post.
Offlate I had been day dreaming about block-printing ( my other love), my gray matter is assembling patterns,meditating color-combinations, fashioning designs whenever it gets a break…its been a while since I printed anything….during my next trip to Hyderabad I have decided what to buy; more colors and other stuff for printing….can’t wait for it….this nostalgia made me post these pictures…I printed these a while ago and now they are prettily converted into tops,stoles and Kurti’s..these are just a few random clicks from my mobile….I do not have pictures of all my printed stuff……..


Trying a new design


The blocks -bathed in colors


A lovely pattern









8 responses »

  1. Oh, that’s pretty!

    Sometimes one just needs to take a little blogging break. Glad you’re back though!

    Thanks hanlie for your warm words…its so nice to see your comments 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Those are beautiful. You really should do more.

    thank you 🙂 I’d wish to do lots of them …you made my day with your warm words..

  3. I wish I had some talent like this. Good Job!

    thank you :0 Thats a lovely compliment …am delighted…but I wish I could cook like you ….you are amazing at it

  4. Lovely work. I so want block print curtains. Do email me sometime. I want to know if I can order a few block print curtains from you.


    Welcome and thanks sharon…

  5. What an awesome job. Keep up the good work.
    BTW can you tell me where I can buy these blocks from?

    Thanks and welcome Lathika 🙂 I got these from Delhi. Where do you live? I’ll try finding sources if I can

  6. Can i know where i can find these blocks in delhi? i hv been wanting to buy, but dont know where to get it from. I tried some places in lajpat nagar, but cud not find.

    Hi manisha, you get them in Karolbagh….my friend used to source them…in fact there is a whole street selling these and colors for printing..and apparently one can also get blocks custom made there

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