Mellowing Innocence



    Today in the afternoon post lunch, I had come across a group of 4 primary school girls…they were sharing a chocolate muffin….and ate it heartliy with giggles and chuckles… was such a pleasing sight for me…was instantly transported to my school days…I am not talking about the muffin 🙂 …..its the unsurpassable bliss and satisfaction friends and sharing bring….those debonair days where eyes are drenced in dreams, and everyday is welcomed with gaiety for no apparent reason…when stress is unheard of…..
      Where are all those gone ? I do not say we dont have sunny moments…but there is a certain innocence, take life as it comes attitude which misses out…Is it a part of growing up?
  But I would say, if we have to give up on such simple joys, why should we ever ripen? I refuse to, but do I have a choice !

NOTE : The Pink Hibiscus is shot in Vienna by S’s sweet cousin. I simply loved it ! Smitten by its sheer simplicity .


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  1. Ahhh, I remember those days. The innocence…the love..the fun. What did happen to those times?

    Yeah,Irene..thats what I have been pondering about too 🙂

  2. Well thats right ,u can`t help it. Human life has to undergo metamorphosis through different phases of life….

    yeah, I understand that…but sometimes you just get into this nostalgia

  3. Innocence maybe, but no stress? Come on, Rupa…no selective memories allowed! I remember the harsh punishments from the catholic nuns, the tons of homework every night, tests to cram for, bullies to watch out for… but, you are right…the friends made all the difference. The time spent with them, I still remember with joy.

    Hey, hmm… I always was highly stressed in my graduation…but school was a joy ride….probably thats why my post says “No stress”…yeah, I agree schooling is also stressful….thats sad isn’t it?

  4. babes….i didnt know you had a blog….cant believe i missed this so long….well written…. will be back for more….

    Thanks Anu ! Its a very quiet blog….most of my friends dont know about this…till a few months ago my husband was my only reader…poor him……I just dabble when it strikes me….will be nice to see you here again…I love the way you write 🙂

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