A Special Day !


     This is a special post…special since its my birthday today and am  on top of the world with all the extra attention and lovely wishes….Am really feeling like a Queen (Are you listening/reading Hanlie)This is extra special since its the first after marriage and am loving it with S..he had wished me zillion times till now and am sure it will go on….Oh, I have a lovely husband.Touchwood!
   And another reason for this one to be absolutely special is the “Healthy you Challenge ” and support from all you wonderful people…its amazing and oh so inspiring…I’m loving it ! 🙂
I feel so good when I effortlessly slip into all my clothes…yeah, you got it right…I’ve lost a few inches…I dont know how many but I know that I did lose some….and I haven’t got on to the scale since we are not able to find a decent one at the Aerobics studio and S and I will never get one for ourselves..its way too stressful…so I am not bothered about the number…am enjoying this loss which I feel, the rosy cheeks after the workout and the new energetic,confident and enthusisatic me ….so the scale will have to wait…
      Today morning when I put on my new dress I have noticed that its comparatively loose….since I wore it in the trial room last time…Oh, that feeling…its more than million presents…and S said the same too…and I bought this new dress three weeks ago…..so these 3 weeks were indeed good.
     We have decided to eat out today…c’mon I dont want to cook on my birthday  and while at lunch I noticed that both S and I are invariably and unconsciously choosing healthy options….its just happening as a way of life..we are not pushing ourselves…its just that we are used to it by now…and I have no cravings whatsoever….now what else can be blissful than this…and here today for the first time ever I am going to post a picture of myself on this blog…for all your wonderful people…I shall come out with a more detailed b’day post tomorrow…about the day and happenings, surprises…
      This picture is randomly shot by S with his mobile phone at lunch today …..while we were waiting for our main course…I have a great fancy and weakness for side silhouette’s (click for the actual size) ….I find them endearing and irrestible…..and I won a NSV for myself…my b’day treat….truly on cloud nine 🙂



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  1. Nice pic! Glad to hear you had a great day!

    Thanks, Lakshmi 🙂 …I really really like your profile picture…another side silhouette…its very lovely and your dimple..Wow!..

  2. Hi,

    Came here from Lakshmi’s blog. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day

    Another Lakshmi 🙂

    Thank you , Lakshmi… I really like the name lakshmi….its my best friend’s name too 🙂

  3. Happy birthday again! Glad to see you’re celebrating and being spoiled.

    Next week is my hubby’s birthday and my in-laws have invited us for an Indian dinner (they lived in India for a year a while ago). I will of course be drinking juice…

    What a lovely picture! You are so pretty and I love your outfit.

    Thanks a ton, Hanlie 🙂 …for the warm wishes and lovely compliments…am blushing ….Nice to hear about the Indian dinner….ofcourse, once you are off juice feasting I will help you with some Indian recipes…healthy ones though ! Wish I could whip up some for you, but since it isn’t practical…I can sure send some recipes…if you Like them 🙂 ….and the outfit is very indian…blockprinted cotton…I simply love them

  4. Came here from Laksh musings… happy birthday to you! from someone who shares the same birthdate:)

    Have a wonderful year ahead!

    Happy birthday to you too, Oh, I just love it….when someone wishes “Happy Birthday” and we can say “Same to you “…Hope you had a great day ! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! All the best for this coming year!

    Thanks you Diana ! it wouldn’t have been this exciting without the healthy challenge…and you truly Rock 🙂

  6. Very very belated birthday wishes Rupa. Glad to hear about your weight loss. I totally agree with you on changing to a healthier lifestyle and not weighing so often. I’m also on a healthy diet since Jan 2007 and lost a couple of pounds. It indeed feels great to be able to fit in our favorite dresses.
    I like your dress color too, but more than this I still can’t take my eyes off the block priniting work you have done, especially the white background one.

    Thats so sweet of you, thanks a lot. can I know whats the healthy diet program? I agree with dresses and all….the best way to compliment our body is to give it nice clothes…..glad that you liked the white blockprinted one 🙂

  7. First I tell myself that I’m not on a diet to reduce my weight. I’m just eating healthy, to stay fit and to have other healthy numbers like, cholestrol, glucose etc. I will be glad if I lose weight while doing this. That’s a bonus, but that by itself is not my goal, to reach a particular weight within so much time. That becomes very stressful, I’ve been through that road a couple of times and then binged like nobody’s business. That being said, I’m still in the over weight category only, according to my BMI, but I’m not stressing myself because of this. I do go off track sometimes, but try to get back to the good habits at the earliest.

    I drink a lot of water. Fill a 1L-2L bottle with water the first thing in the morning and try to drink as much water as possible throughout the day. I eat a high fiber content cereal for breakfast with skim milk. For lunch I eat only chapathis and some subzi. 2 snacks a day, one before lunch and one in the evening. Either a fruit or handful of nuts or some other healthy snack. And for dinner soup or salad with whole grain bread. I accept that I’m not following this rigorously 30 days a month, but I do this for atleast 25 days and try to stick it to the maximum extent possible.

    But with my new adventure of food blogging, I don’t know how I’m gonna stick to the healthy routine while trying out new recipes. I think it’s going to be a big challenge.

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