Yet another Random post!


Another weekend passes by…without notice…saturday had been extremely busy…we were at office for some urgent job….and the day slipped..and since sunday, S had been sick…and it streched till monday too….I was terrribly worried and troubled too, to see him suffer…he’s doing fine today, though he is still recuperating….and I am relieved…

    Offlate, I dont get time to blog as much as I’d wish to..sometimes its work..and many a times its this “many ideas to blog but none of them sees the light of the day” syndrome…and I have been brooding about it at large,…I always enjoyed “A post a day” but when I forced onto myself that “It has to be a post a day” it suddenly started stressing me out…Its strange that even the most enjoyable hobby can put one off if we force it on ourselves…thats when I decided….my love for writing is too very dear to me and I dont want to forego it…hence from now on…I shall scribe only when I wish to and and when I want to ….not because I have to…and this brings me immense peace!

    And now while I am typing this, am highly excited..tomorrow is my birthday and am stoked….as I reiterated to death many a times that I am a great fan of anniversaries and any special ceremonies… I’m also painfully agoraphobic…..hence for me the idea of a celebration is always family,friends and with company whom I feel comfortable being around with….but I do not know why I’d want to announce it here….its the warmth of your words and the feel good factor,solace your company brings…….:)


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  1. Happy birthday to you! May this we a wonderful and successful year for you, filled with love, laughter and blessings!

    I’m also big on birthdays. I insist on being queen for a day!

    thank you so much, Hanlie 🙂 …yeah I’m totally with you on the queen thing…its our day..

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love celebrating things to. Not so much my own occastions lol but I do love celebrating holidays and my families birthdays!!

    Have a SUPER week!

    Thanks a to, Felicia 🙂 ..celebrating holidays, wow thats amazing…I need to do that too

  3. If you don’t blog tomorrow, an early happy birthday to you.

    Hope you enjoy your day.

    Thank you so much 🙂 Am feeling so good with all these wishes pouring in

  4. Interesting note on the forced feeling of writing a day..I had always that question on people who blog regularly..let the hobby not become a pressure..

    Thanks for dropping by , Anamika 🙂 true…once any hobby gets stressful, it becomes a chore….and we start loathing it…

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