Mix of sorts (Healthy you challenge update)


Mix of sorts

Thats precisely what my past week had been….I missed checking-in last week since I was caught up with a flu and didn’t do anything substantial to write about…foodwise or even exercise wise…but we didn’t breach or drift from healthy eating except for a few cookies one evening….somehow the same junk food which I earlier craved for (though very occasionally) doesn’t excite me anymore….It feels good.And then, since the past 4 days there have been tiny warts on my scalp and ouch, they hurt and itch….S and I were worried and visited the doctor immediately…the medication didn’t help too…and over the past 2 days a couple of them surfaced on my back and near the ear….I called my mom and discussed this with her…I always do this whenever I fall sick…she always comes up with accurate home remedies which nurse me back to health in no time…and this time too it worked…All my mom said is it must be the changing weather and the heat inside the body….so drink buttermilk,tender coconut water,watermelon juice… I had a water melon at home and immediately sprung into action…that was yesterday and voila, today morning they hurt less and are subsiding at a frantic pace….it feels so good…and I decided to stop the medication….it anyway served no purpose…its incredible… I mean my mom never goes wrong with these therapies…and I am always bowled over…its prodigious that she knows her child through and through though we live  so far ….mom’s are ever wonderful…they are truly angels on earth…I love you mom…and miss you …
         Am fine now, S and I are back to our routine and are enjoying our workouts…..and my standoffishness with the scale continues….but today morning somehow I broke the resolve and treaded over it….and it showed 2 different weights…the 2 times I tried and it was crazy….S also ventured…just to check its authenticity and his number was even more bizarre…so we realised that its untruthful and moved on….I love it when S does these affectionate things for me…..they mean a lot…he was sure that with the number it showed me..I’d be depressed…so he set foot and then declared that its kooky..if it weren’t for him I would have been sulking the whole day….mourning over the number….he is a real darling…am blessed to have him….Love you S


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  1. I’m a big believer in home remedies. Glad you’re back in your routine, and boo! for the scale!

    yeah, home remedies are a boon…without those unwanted chemicals…

  2. The scale tells lies, sometimes you are better off staying away from it for a while.

    I’m so glad your Mom had the perfect home remedy for you. I’m a big believer in natural remedies for many things, you are very lucky to have such a wise mother!

    Thanks, Diana :), I agree on my mom as well as the scale…great to hear from you

  3. Moms are great! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Way to stay positive and ignore the scale, too! Keep it up.

    Truly, cindy, Moms are angels…thanks you 🙂

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