I’m haunted…..and ruminating at length..
We watched “JodhaaAkbar” last evening and since then my thoughts are engulfed  and am soaked up intensely…this movie transported me  to a diferent era…and I had been contemplating on the lifestyles and people of that period…It gave an introduction and took all my concentration…S and I have been discussing at great lengths about how people lived, behaved in that era and how different/similar are we now?…It made us put on our thinking caps…
         Now, coming to the movie…its a rather long one…though it entirely didn’t bore me…I did sometimes feel that I was watching a documentary….Still I would recommend it to everyone…and the only reason is “Hrithik Roshan“….he entirely shines through,takes you to dizzy heights and  the movie belongs to him…he fits the bill picture perfectly and its impossible to imagine anybody else….he is not hrithik….he is “Akbar”….only”Akbar”.Aishwarya does what she is expected to but looks old in many scenes…
        Do not watch the movie for any historical connection…it will fall flat…its a lovestory…and only the milieu happens to be  the mughal era and the characters are named “Akbar” and “Jodha”…do not look any further for  association with history…..since it simply doesn’t have any.For me..its an archetypal love story setup in the mughal era….The difference is it shows chemistry along with history and geography…..a  variant combination…..but the romance is regular…..what interests is, the cross-cultural and inter-religious relationship…which even today raises curiousity …..Love marriages especially cross-cultural,inter-religious ones…always invoke intrigue….that works for this film too….and the song “Khwaja..mere..khwaja” has possessed me and is spooking me…Great job,Rahman!


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  1. hey rupa, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 You are very articulate with the review – nice one. And thanks for the dish name 🙂 there was some halwa dish as well – do you know that?

    thanks, valli.:)..I dont remember the halwa dish…will sure keep you informed If I get to know

  2. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch this movie…I really like both actors, but it didn’t get the greatest reviews. I might give it a shot now, seeing that you liked it.

    Its a fine one..especially if we go for it without any expectations from Mr.Gowariker 🙂

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