Melancholic & sore


Today’s mood: Extremely nostalgic and down… deeply coveting my yesteryears  fitness center today … I always miss it…the cheerful staff…my trainer Stephen…amazingly positive and high spirited people….which is extremely essential …since they drive you with their motivation and inspiration…and those ever encouraging appreciative warm words were always music to my ears and soul…they boosted my morale… erstwhile Esprit de corps…you were outstanding.
     I like the present aerobics studio too…but it isn’t as assuasive as the previous one…I feel am judged here….which doesn’t go well with me…it dents my determination…..when I workout I do not wish for any comments or expectations especially the ones that are detrimental….”You aren’t able to lift your legs today morning”/”You forgot the flow today”….these depress me…..I know my limits and am pushing myself hard…but to expect perfection from a 12 day old student isn’t fair….infact its not right to expect anything out of anyone…since everyone wrestle’s with their own self and aren’t competing…with one another…ain’t it?
If you cannot stimulate thats totally fine, but do not dissuade either……..


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  1. I agree with you! I am my own motivator, and I push myself as hard as I can or dare. If someone were to tell me that I’m not “up to scratch” I’d probably scratch him! YOU try this weighing what I weigh!

    Great job on the exercise!

    Thanks hanlie :)….I agree completely

  2. You’re exactly right. Your experiences need to be motivational and uplifting. You are doing awesome. Stay focused on what you’ve accomplished!

    Thanks Cindy :)….it feels great to read all you guys comments…very inspiring

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