“Healthy you Challenge” Week 2


Phew ! the last week has been a bundle of contradictions…where everything went against the plan.We had to make 2 unexpected trips to hyderabad ….so that means 4 days of no working out, and eating, to survive…and since the schedule was pretty hectic…we ate whatever we could find, not exactly what we planned to eat, the whole week…but we watched our portions and always parked ourselves in the realms of ‘healthy eating’ as much as we could…So finally we ended up with just 2 days of aerobics…well, there was another day too…but S complained of a wrenching pain in his ankle…he hurt himself during the step aerobics session…so we gave the 3rd day a miss..I wanted him to feel better and then get back to the routine…Now he is fit and fine and we are back to the work outs…So, as you can read its been a crazy and hectic weekend…I wouldn’t be mounting the scale this time since with such a bizarre week I am not brave enough to savvy what the scale conveys…So I took the facile route…Will not weigh in ….trust me it will be good for my well-being…its better to keep up the positive spirit and work out rather than to get depressed and pine over my avoirdupois…especially with the kind of week I had…and this is that time of the month where my horomones also flirt with me…..hence, I am sure the scale wont be my good friend….but in retrospect it never was even a decent enough friend…..it had always let me down…now its my turn baby…am not venturing into your neighbourhood….come what may..
      As an update …S and I are glad that we are back and functional.And we are still reeling in the NSV’s after effects….our bodies are light and flexible and are happy with us…so we will be carrying the traditon forward and forget about the past week….after all Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans….
      And I would love to share a lovely anecdote….which made me gleam with joy and am still beaming with happiness…..With thoughtful attention today morning, S pronounced that from now on which ever city or country we will be living in…the first place in the sun which we will always vigil for in any new spot shall be the fitness centre…there it is….metamorphosis for a life time…..and I can see an eminently better lifestyle greeting us…Isn’t a reason to rejoice?

Wishing all you folks a great week ahead….. 🙂


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  1. Boy! Any particular reason for you folks to be so health conscious? 🙂

    Reason…hmm…its for general well-being…and to love ourselves…well…I couldn’t actually think up a reason,but why do we even need a reason..since its a lifestyle..its a gift for ourselves for lifetime. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on staying focused even through a week that did not go as planned. It’s bouncing back after a week of surprises that makes you successful. Good for you!

    thanks for your lovely words….I needed them very badly….All the best to you too 🙂

  3. It sounds like you did a great job of trying to eat healthy instead of just saying “oh well, we are here lets eat whatever we want” you did your best and that should be commended!

    Great job!

    thanks Diana 🙂 am feeling great with your ardent words…

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